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1 and 2,
problem with your arguments is you negate the true answer in you failed appeal. why did russia leave afganistan mr. busboy? think long and think hard on that, then think what happened with all the satellite states of the USSR? hmmm...(basically, quit trying to rewrite history).
as for obama being labeled this and labeled that mr. reynolds. has he socialist/communist tinkering and associations? hmmm... has he terrorist/racist friends and associates? hmmm... is he now embracing the cult of personality/facism... hmmm, again... while still making, what shall we call it (cause it sure as f%#k is not a move, a lie to the center?
how about this, "the chameleon has many colors but which is its natural color?"

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 25.07.2008 @ 10:51


this can't hurt him
economists see McCain as better for the economy

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 23.07.2008 @ 11:52


so Jimbo what is your take on Afganistan, Korea, and WWII, and WWI, and the war of 1812, eh?
See what your problem is, your problem is the same as the rest of the leftards, if it ain't bothering me F%$k it, right? How about a new form of 'Manifest Destiny' on the global level? Instead of waiting for sh#t to hit the fan, maybe just maybe those who have the ability to stop genocide and whatnot should step up the plate and be good neighbors, or I guess we could build great big walls around the US, pull all our troops back to the US and turn off the TV's and Internet so we don't see the hell that has been released on the earth by our neighbors.
Naw, but really, just blow it out your friggin cockholster mano...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 21.07.2008 @ 12:49


come on now, Americans' maybe short sighted, but obamessiah made a bed and he will sleep it in it, no matter how many times he re-writes history. let us see how many of his mooks actually get up and vote for him, how many say they will vote for him, and actually pull the lever for McCain... and yes there is still a bit of time till November, please pick up your towels...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 20.07.2008 @ 17:38


Hey Misty,
Why don't you say the country is going in the "left" direction and as for your comment on an email being linked (since when did der Speigel become a trustworthy rag), please tell your opinion to Maliki

as for Europe liking us, they started disliking us right after we rebuilt their arses after WWII. Look at the right ward shift in European governments, why? because immigrants and open door policies have destroyed their wonderful little socialist experiment. Just ask any Swede what they think of their open door policy. Oh, retire05 don't let the punk get under your skin, we all realize his little pedant tactic, rather disingenuous.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 20.07.2008 @ 12:35


j.h. bowden,
i am not disagreeing with you, what you fail to see, or shall we say the GOP and you fail to see is that not all people fall into the liberal categories posted by you and your enlightened cohort retire05. good god man, i am in the top tax bracket and it makes me shudder to think that my wife and i will be taxed around 41% (or more) if Obamessiah gets elected. my point is, playing the tough love gamut is not going to win this election. using what you got available is, there is no such thing as overkill in politics. people are hurting, yes some of them may be there because of their own choices, but if you tell them they are idiots who are suffering because of their choices, you will not get there vote (period). I live in Western Pa, and at the heart of it these people are conservative, but McCain and the rest of the Republicans running this November will get their arses handed to them if "we" conservatives continue to hammer them like some bad children. simply put, it is not about YOU this election, it is about the state of the nation, and though we as a whole may be exaggerating the condition of our economy, the perception is there, so work with that knowledge when talking to them.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 15.07.2008 @ 08:01

zing... it went over their heads, those who refuse to learn from history are bound to repeat it. simply put there are two new kids on the block, china and india, and they play the laissez faire game much better and without a conscious than we ever did. that simple fact negates all their rub some dirt on it and get back in there b.s. no this is not the 80's y'all are right, this is something of our own creation that is much more globalized. seriously, you all just sit there and blame the other guy or this or that, but the GOP is living up to it's stereotype of being the stoic party, we are in an age of "caring" and it will show in november. my god do you people read the crap you write and think how someone else who has lost their job or fallen on hardtimes should feel. well for all those poor souls who have tried to do it the right and honest way and have been screwed, y'all can go F#%k yourselves, and believe you me for you lack of compassion you will in november.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 14.07.2008 @ 17:41

The GOP is screwed, their new mantra is as follows
"I reject your reality, and substitute my own." -Adam, Mythbusters
You are absolutely right Rick, just an iota of compassion or empathy could go miles, but "no" we need "tough love" well they will pay the price for their disconnect. I feel for McCain because he is different than the pack of wolves he is running with, not perfect, but he is experienced and experienced in the right ways for the POTUS in the coming four years. Bush will have paved the way to make Obama the most powerful President in history, that is a very scary prospect with a majority DEM congress and Senate, C'est la Vie!

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 14.07.2008 @ 07:53


too late for what? the damage was done long ago, but mind you he will re-appeal to many of those on the right that he had lost... then again if you predict 10% bump that is really quite a lot, when you start at 38% hell that is a quarter improvement of his prior.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 9.07.2008 @ 23:09


Comment Posted By jambrowski On 9.07.2008 @ 08:29

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