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so the left has their nutz and the right has theirs, so what? maybe there will be balance in the universe(LOL!). we are capable of "independent" thought and can hopefully discern true from false, if not... well then we probably deserve to suffer. i mean really without the nutz is the cake worth eating, it would be pretty boring if it was all figured out for us.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 18.08.2008 @ 08:26


what does mccain have to lose? he is still behind even in the Rasmussen, he has shown spark though it be in obama's vacation, he is out there.
myself, i really understand what you are saying, but you offer no solutions, what should he do? should he play nice? not likely, it wasn't getting him anywhere, once he finally figured that out he couldn't talk a bully down who is punching him in the face, and his friends are kicking him in the arse, he fought back. i personally think that appealed to many americans, they said aaaaaaaahhh the old boy still has some fight in him. he has problems/issues but the MSM, late-nites, and the comedy central gurus support him, why would they make fun of him until he is elected.
And as for michael reynolds, you fit perfectly with obama, my arse you were a swing voter, your very assumption that since you are voting for obama he is going to win makes you a perfect member of the obamanation. the veritable fact that edward's little tryst and hillary bemoaning a stolen primary is not going to have influence on peoples opinions of the dem's in november, like foley and others is laughable.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 12.08.2008 @ 22:12


ahh, yes signs of life in the mccain campaign,
me thinks john's chances will be based on voter turnout, and voter turnout alone. truth be told, conservatives consistently vote, always have, but as you mentioned above, there has been much disenchantment. this disenchantment is not undeserved, delay, bush, cheney, and rumsfeld along with a few other miscreants have left a very bad taste in the mouths of most americans.
mccain though has been a very big sore in the hides of the first four, trying to bring some accountability to their throne, and rightly so as he has the ability to think for himself. what he needs to do for the middle and independent vote, is to highlight those differences and battles he has had with the current administration, if he can do that, he can technically get these essential votes.
rick, keep up the good fight, very good stuff here lately (not that it hasn't always been good). cheers,

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 5.08.2008 @ 11:50


here... here!!! very nice rick, very nice work

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 1.08.2008 @ 21:17


no te preocupes! no worries mate. i know you are being serious and are venting to stay stable, but the reality of the situation is many people are not stable out there, and though they may have a wit of intelligence to them, they use it with devious intent. not you, you are one of the most objective (sometimes too objective) bloggers that i have read.
so with the intent of cheering you up here is some sarcasm... enjoy

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 4.08.2008 @ 10:18


calling this a negative ad is trollop, or more nicely said bull plop. the media and obamessiah's camp calling this negative is like the frying pan calling the skillet black. bho has had his surrogates (i.e., wes clark) spouting all kinds of negative and even slanderous things for months. instead of the media calling that negative they just run with it as fact. i think today's and yesterdays polls are showing the media and us that american's want to see mccain fight back, together with the pre-emptive race card obama is playing into mccain's hand. i'll be damned and i know many others that will definitely not vote for someone who says they WILL use my race against me, the BS flag has been thrown up.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 1.08.2008 @ 08:16

it almost seems as if his campaign is being sabotaged from the inside. they appear to be their own worst enemy.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 31.07.2008 @ 13:58


of all places to find good news for mccain
usatoday has him up by four over likely voters...
hmmm, bouncy not go bouncy dad

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 28.07.2008 @ 13:36

funny thing is the so called horrible last week for McCain, was entirely contrived, the only thing the msm did on him was negatives, otherwise it was the msm version of ostracizing. if you want to see something funny, look at yahoo's front page, everyday for at least the last month they have only posted or linked to some negative thing/aspect about mccain's campaign. it really is not mccain vs. obama it mccain vs. the obama msm machine.
seriously if you want to talk about real life fascist tactics look at the fairness act, how else can you view that? if people want to listen to Rush, they should be able to, if they want to listen to NPR (National Communist Radio) then they should be able to, free country right? it is much like the television, if you don't like it, turn the fu$#ing channel, as for you leftards that want to come on this blog and attack us for speaking our minds, fu$%ing turn the channel, i don't go to the puffington post or kos and complain about all the made up sh!t y'all put on their now do i... get bent leftards!

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 28.07.2008 @ 11:58

the scary thing to me mr. moran, is the chameleon abilities the media has given him. the truth is blatantly available, yet the MSM is doing a wonderful job of masking it. they are kinda like the weekly top forty, they play the songs over, and over, and over till you cannot get them out of your head, then the sheep think they like them/him. another thing the press is doing that gives him this ability was well represented in 'meet the press' today, tom asked the right questions, but unlike russert, he just let obama take control of the conversation, the man never answered one of the so called tough questions, like why he didn't visit he wounded troops or whether the surge was a success. maybe there should be some conspiracy theories on russert's death... he seems to have been the only major msm member that would ask the hard ones, who is left? he is beyond directing them, he has the damn bull by the nosering. his will be the age of the chameleon, yahweh help us...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 27.07.2008 @ 20:44

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