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Blogs and the 2008 Election

hoooraaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, but really, can't really say i have heard a pot call itself a pot before... keep it rocking rick.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 22.09.2008 @ 17:06


be scared, be very scared... empty suits have many surprises... as it goes you know where mccain and palin stand and have stood, you cannot know where the "messiah" actually stands because it is all hypothetical, he has done nothing and has led nothing... except that is throwing people under the proverbial bus. i would have respected the chap had he not dumped his pastor and other members of his campaign, people make mistakes and misspeak (look at biden) but he dumped them (people he knew for years, decades), what is he going to do to his constituency when and if he gets elected? see how thick that ice is tim, you go first though...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 17.09.2008 @ 08:46

disappointed american,
are you mad, does it feel good, your attacks are baseless and pathetic, and your arguments illogical, i am tired of your rhetoric, you don't read this site, because if you did, you would know that more independent thinking individuals peruse this site than not. as for rick being biased, why don't you read one of his latest blogs "not my values", to see what kind of abuse he took for speaking his voice. as for defense, rick doesn't need any (you are correct) but i am sick and tired of people like you mindlessly abusing the gentleman cause you have a hair out of place and yes you are still playground ugly, go read the huff or rawstory...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 16.09.2008 @ 18:55

disappointed american, you haven't been reading this blog much, or even recently or you wouldn't have made your absurd comment about rick's writing. as well with your obama script in hand you make little of mccain's finger up bush's arse for the past 7 years. i know i don't need to defend el blogetero ricko or mccain, but you can blow your derisive misconstrued lies out your arse... oh yeah you're ugly...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 16.09.2008 @ 16:01


i know it doesn't pertain to this, but i am just fired up over Rangel not even being chided for his "lack of good accounting practices", a friggin felon many times over and he is going to still be in charge of ways and means, what a hypocrisy they are leading, yeah Craig touched someones shoe in the loo and Foley liked boys that were alas of age (hmmm, what about mr. frank?). WTF!! I hate the MSM.........

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 15.09.2008 @ 17:17


the fundamental issue here is simply that the left has their kooks (code pink anyone?) and the right has their's. but, and it is a big but, there are a helluva a lot more kooks on the right, thanks to the puritans. if mccain didn't pander to them he would be SOL as would obama to the far left (as you have repeatedly stated). come on rick, if you don't like it, turn the station...
as for life beginning at conception, yep, i am a biologist and professor, and if you read any simple textbook or biological paper on the subject, it is moot... it is not discussed because it has been decided well before my time, the only argument is that which cannot be argued, proven or dis-proven, when does the so called "soul" or persona begin, and with technology we are seeing that a child can live much longer before term than was ever thought imaginable...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 14.09.2008 @ 10:29


so be it...
in response to rayc,
i think the schism that we see today began in earnest with Roe vs. Wade, one simple issue was used as a wedge by both parties, and of course these political machines have found it easier to divide than to unite, so they continue to make more of issues...(mind you that is in recent times, we have been divided since George Washington and even before)

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 11.09.2008 @ 14:54


pardon the pun, "the skirts are off", it seems even the press have finally said "game time" to obama, not to say they won't resume the obama propaganda machine tomorrow... but it is so fun to see the messiah not just get a pass on this gaffee. wonderful writing rick, keep it up.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 10.09.2008 @ 13:18


nicely said...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 25.08.2008 @ 09:40


Viva Snowball!!!!!!

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 21.08.2008 @ 08:37

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