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maybe, maybe, maybe, smoke, mirrors, redirect, redirect, y'all got it down, how 'bout if she had paid her friggin taxes and was not so eager to vote yes on every single abortion measure before her (fyi, her name is spelled Sebelius)...
hmmm, if y'all vote with your conscience it is called reason, if conservatives vote with theirs it is illogical...
how 'bout this, get bent...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 27.04.2009 @ 12:23


they see what they (libtards) want to see. they are basically looking for milk in the fridge while they are holding it in their hands, or to quote adam savage "I reject your reality and substitute it with my own." seriously, they miss your point entirely and feign "manufactured outrage" at you, me, us, and America. there is nothing to be done of the past, it is gone, the only thing to do correctly is to not let those past errors consume us by repeating them again (i.e., holocaust, slavery, civil rights, suffrage, hate, colonialism, etc...), as you point out the last three presidents have done more than all the others combined to help aid and lift up latinos. i think milbank has it right ( they were mad, they are mad, and they are going to continue to be mad, interestingly enough, i think we are starting to figure out how they work (the end matters more than the means to get there), maybe we have their playbook now. don't you question now the kooks that were at the tea party's? were they actually plants? right wing kooks are not necessarily the ones that would be out holding up signs that obama is a nazi or something worse (though if you think about that, nazi's were socialists, were they not?), code pink and moveon have admitted to as much on their blog sites (, i mean really how many conservatives even though they were there didn't feel a little out of sorts by being there, just think about that, as well as think about the above, you are being attacked on a conservative website? by conservatives? me thinks not, this is one of their angles.
anywho, keep up the good work rick, maybe they can sling some sh%t my way now.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 20.04.2009 @ 10:41


one of the best posts yet.
you are absolutely correct, the conservative movement needs to change with the times, not only do we not live in jefferson's world, we do not live in reagan's world, things have changed, the economy is driven differently, we have new allies, we have lost others, the world is smaller, and like it or not, it is even more vulnerable to all manners of ilk (notice i didn't say catastrophe). we do need to move past the old mantra of bigger boom stick, religion, and tax cuts. most importantly, as i see is important to all those around me (i am in the business of higher education) we need to dump, expunge, flat out leave behind the unhinged "right", if and when we do that we can move this party forward, if not we will continue to stagnate. people are sick and tired of the far right and religion hijacking/pervading every aspect of conservatism (or at least as it is portrayed by the media) yeah, the media, like it or not as long as they can keep playing clips of some nitwit protesting abortion or being a complete hypocrite (e.g., ted hagard ring a bell, baker, delay, etc...) we are screwed...
keep up the good fight rick!!!

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 4.03.2009 @ 05:41


right back at you... can't always agree, but we can get past it (notice i didn't say move on, yucccckk)

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 1.03.2009 @ 07:09


bah humbug!!! a fire starts with a spark, a journey with merely a footstep. given the numbers you report, i would say that is pretty darned good, can't remember the last thing (besides abortion rallies) that many self proclaimed conservatives have showed up to en masse. as this recession is turned into a depression by the obamighty, i reckon you will see conservatives consolidate, redirect, and hopefully find their voice once again.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 28.02.2009 @ 10:02


“If it looks like shit, smells like shit, and feels like shit, you don't have to actually eat it to know it's shit.”
Seth Eisenberg
but then we already knew that... didn't we?

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 10.02.2009 @ 12:33


would you rather someone like Palin? talk about polarizing, even though I like her personally, she takes some very divisive stances. as for too much baggage, let him write a book about his improper actions, and then he can do as obama and clinton did and point the press and questioners to it, instead of answering. i mean really obama admitted to the marijuana, coke, and alluded to of all things heroine use, plus wright, plus cooky chicago terroists, plus...
anyways, about your main presumption, do good presidents really slog it out in the mud, or do they assign the right person to the problems at hand? a president never stops dealing with new crisis's if he did he would have peace or an impeachment coming. at least Newt has accomplished some things, Contract with America ring a bell...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 3.02.2009 @ 12:27


well put, but when the queen of the nutjobs' says things like this ( can we readily assume that this derangement will not continue for quite awhile if not years? and what better excuse for obama than to say the continued recession is bush's fault, i mean really, the current state of things has to be good for four more years for obama with a scapegoat like bush, cheney, and rumsfeld?

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 19.01.2009 @ 10:06


if we are to say that bush was the wrong man at the wrong time (make that judgement), who is to say would be the right man at the right time? really gore? kerry? mccain? yes they all bring different things and people to the table, but the problem with this type of second guessing is to say that someone or some group of people would have done it better, who? how? what do you base this guess or hypothesis on?... the anti-bushes have been doing this hindsight crap since the beggining, which now the conseravative (george will and the rest of the elites) loving obama media is doing, what the heck, yeah hindsight is 120 but none of it is reality. we are safe and have been safe to conduct business pretty much as usual, you don't know all the things that bush and his people have protected us from. haveing done special forces, and still knowing people that are in the business, I can promise you shudders up and down your spine to know the "truth" to the matter of what we have been protected from, therein lies bush's biggest fault, he did not let the public know of what they were being protected from, just like he didn't let america know why and how service members were dying (they were heros, risking their lives for each other and for afgan and iraqie civilians). he wasn't open or transparent, but this comparison crap is just that, crap, we won't know the ramifications of what he did until we are ancient, or even dead. give it up...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 16.01.2009 @ 14:36


and of course we "did not" see this coming? wasn't it one of hillary and mccain's trumpet call's?

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 9.01.2009 @ 09:57

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