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hoorrrrahhhhhh! bat sh$t crazy here we go.....
i actually have not heard those specific rumors on obama, be them true they will surely show their heads, but being a realist, that would have come out a long, long, long time ago. please tone down the naughty bits or i will have to start reading the huffingcrap post (and i don't want to)...
as for obamas liaisons with radicals, that is what freaks me out the most about him, the unknown, i mean if he is truly just using them for his gain, fine, but i doubt it, and as rick states those IOU's will hurt us all. as for his followers, people like him because they want change, but as you have stated over and over, the change they want is in themselves, they are not happy with their life choices, so they infer that superbama can change their lot in life. too many autobots out there want to be told what to do (i do what i am told, and i am told what to do). saw it in the military, saw it kill people (that is why they created the bullsh%t flag), i see it in the "real world" as well. people just don't want to think for themselves, hell i pretty much think people can't think for themselves after too many years of automation... damn the rise of the machine (stupid Ford).
looking forward to the he next installment of “What ails Conservatism”

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 2.06.2008 @ 10:17

wonderful, again you hit the nail on the head. i would have to agree with you, one would think this really hurts him at his base, i mean real courage would not be throwing your mentors under the bus... but alas we already know how his ilk talk behind the scenes (i.e., canada and nafta). some may see this as abandonment but the real obama has shown himself, and much akin to pfleger's apology to clinton (i am sorry if mrs. clinton was offended by my comments, i really have never in my life heard such words in church, even behind the scenes, much less on the pulpit), none of it is sincere it is all for political expediency, words mean nothing, but everything he is, is hung on these meaningless words. keep up the good work.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 1.06.2008 @ 10:43


Our Paul
Since you are so enlightened why don't you tell us what the tax rate or better yet what percentage of their pay the people from Norden (Sweden, Norway, Finland) take home (try less than 50%)? Communist no, socialist yes. To go along with your sarcastic wit, why don't you enlighten us as well to the real state of all these smaller countries social systems? which are being destroyed by their open door immigration policies where immigrants are taking without ever putting a penny in? I mean really, lets try socialism with our open door policy with Mexico. All you have to do is read the news from Canada, Europe, and Great Britain to understand their wonderful health care system, months long waiting lists for chemo, MRI's, ambulance stacking, etc... god help us all if you get sick or have some maladay, but by jeeves you won't die of prostate cancer anymore. Come on blow harder...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 30.05.2008 @ 07:42

i agree with you, the cat is in the bag. pretty big bag though, he might get out on his own, and quite possibly might choke himself in the process.
the scenarios you allude to are all very real and on the table. i just wish the chap had a bit more experience that we could gauge his reactions to these circumstances. alas, he doesn't, and like kennedy's gaffe with nikita, we may entirely have a situation, albeit with a smaller entity but a more credible threat (russia's nukes would have failed to reach us as ours would have more than likely failed to reach them) todays will hit target. strange new world indeed.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 29.05.2008 @ 13:09


wonderful post, timing perfect, though you could have posted it anytime in the past 4 years and still have been dead on.
i am wondering if we are seeing the evolution of a new paradigm, things have changed as have society. case in point, i am a self-proclaimed conservative and as to your response to big ideas i agree, just saying that is what you agree with doesn't do it. we are really seeing it in the schisms within the GOP, but what next. the real problem lies in the basic two party system in the US. a two party system is not a democracy, and i would almost say that we have two theocracy's where if you don't agree with the party (vote the party line(like in big daddy delay's case)) you ain't going to get any campaign monies. rick,
my question to you is, will we see a break to more parties like in other civilized nations? i mean to say you are independent does not lend you technically to a party nor does it give you tremendous voting power (unless all states have open primaries). oh, and DrKrbyLuv i throughly agree with your statement above, the problem isn't conservatives the problem is in the GOP and the destruction and bullying caused by delay and hasterd.

No chance of 3rd parties catching on. Inevitably, the major parties address the concerns of the threatening 3rd party and simply absorb them into the two party system.

Something cataclysmic would have to happen for that to change.


Comment Posted By jambrowski On 28.05.2008 @ 10:24


mccain is making the right steps, i have seriously had my doubts (not to say there are not other doubts) about him since the endorsements of both of these hatespawners. definitely a step in the right direction. maybe their evangelical crowd will stay home, but the independent conservatives and hopeful reagan democrats may shed some doubt and lean toward the man at least with a resume. nicely put.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 23.05.2008 @ 11:44


Hey Rick,
Did you read Oleg's piece at Pajamas?

"It appears that the 75,000 Obama worshipers in Portland over the weekend turned up in such numbers mostly to see a free concert by an uber-hip Portland band, the Decemberists"

Who nonetheless opened with the Russian national anthem. Wow, things just keep getting more interesting.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 23.05.2008 @ 07:38

and the song remains the same...

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 23.05.2008 @ 07:28

nice subject change, just like your pariah, put the interest elsewhere, redirect, dodge, weave, never answer... why don't you address the d*$n issue i raise? why because you can't, can you?

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 22.05.2008 @ 20:03

you are wrongo, y'all (libs, dems, leftards, obamaniacs, etc...) have been through

"Muslim Obama, Scary Black Church Going Obama, Unpatriotic Obama, Crook Obama, Terrorist Lover Obama, Irresponsible Bombing Pakistan Obama, Pacifist Obama, Henpecked Obama, Marxist Obama, Chamberlin Obama, Empty Suit Obama, Stupid Policy Obama and now we seem to be at Jonestown Cult Leader Obama with a hint of Dictator Obama.”

as Michael B and Dale have mentioned, none of them have been refuted, and more importantly none of them have passed the independent, middle america, and of course conservative american voters whom without he is not going to win. thanks for your emotion... i mean opinion on the matter though.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 22.05.2008 @ 13:36

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