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i am the cult of... i am the cult of... the cult of personality...
seriously mccain or a 527 should buy the rights to that song and just blast it with pictures of obama from now till november. i though am waiting for the nutjobs (coming soon mind you) who will claim to have been healed by merely touching obamessiah or something of his.
hehateme, i know this is sad, but i just got it, URKEL, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, LOL, that is some good sh%t!!

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i have been thinking the same thought for awhile now, what happens if he gets beat (throwing a tantrum because you didn’t get your way")? really, haven't we all. we have seen race riots, we have seen L.A. burn down because of a court case, we have seen CBD's burn down when athletic teams get beat. what happens when the first black man running for president gets beat? wow... you opened pandora's friggin trunk with that one.
oh and as for courage, i saw it when i was in the Corp's in Desert Storm, i have seen it in my grandfather's eyes when he talked about the battle of the bulge, i have seen it in my uncle's eyes when he talked about his tour in Korea, i have seen it in my father's eyes when he talks about his tour in the Suck, and I have seen it in my friends eyes that are still serving our country. To a T, when we hear of people protesting complaining etc... we say that we did what we did to protect peoples right to dissent.
nice article rick, keep'em coming.

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Thing is we don't re-write history to fit our beliefs (as you just did)... as I said there is no need to argue with you, because you and your ilk will just re-phrase, re-write, or adjust reality to your reality.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 6.06.2008 @ 08:56

our paul,
such an inane question that it can almost completely be ignored, but alas i can't. have you ever read the name of this website? rightwingnuthouse, yep that is the name. not much imagination is needed to understand that it is a conservative website (when is that next installment of what ails conservativism?). that being said what you silly stupid leftards can't understand because as usual it is hitting you in the face, much akin to can't see the trees because of the leaves. anywho, we conservatives believe that the more aspects of our lives the gov'mnt is in control of, the less control we have over our lives (common sense). thus, since RP is too much of an adult to answer your sh%t question i will. less government is better gov'mnt! that is why we are disenchanted with GWB, and why we friggin don't answer your prig arse progressive questions. truth be told you don't like us, and we don't like you(sound of spit hitting spitoon, bible hitting you in the face, yeehaw gun shot in the air) jackball!!!!!!!!!

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 5.06.2008 @ 19:08


though i am not an obama fan, i like you think that his nomination is a very pivotal and important victory for us as a nation, not that there will be any instant healing, but nonetheless i think we have crossed an important milestone in our short history. thank you for acknowledging it but staying on task as well.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 4.06.2008 @ 14:44


pfleger suspended see drudge
wow, guess he isn't all that powerful...

Don't kid yourself. This is a HUGE gamble by the archdiocese. Pfleger isn't just some priest. He has the most powerful friends you can imagine. Watch over the next 24 hours as Daley, Durbin, and other local Dem heavyweights rush to his defense.

They have shielded him for decades because he is able to reliably deliver the black vote in that part of the South Side. Pfleger adopted 3 kids in direct contravention of archdiocese (and catholic clergy) policy. He has let his mouth get him into trouble dozens of times since 1981. He has been a constant critic of the catholic heirarchy. He has been threatened so many times with disciplinary actions it isn't funny.

And now the boom is lowered. Do you hear that? That's the wailing and gnashing of teeth of African American pols on the South Side - Pfleger was their benefactor. And now he's toast.

As I said, this is a bid deal.


Comment Posted By jambrowski On 3.06.2008 @ 16:17

so true, with my mixed blood (black, am. indian, german) the resentment is lost even on me. the idea that all white america is responsible for the ignoble things that have happened in the past is ridiculous. yet my brothers and sisters hold the whole of the nation responsible. it is easy to look at someone like bill cosby or juan williams and say why can't every person of race move on as they have, but the problem is, it is ingrained in us from our births, and to get past it, you have to actually make a choice to see reality. it really is so much easier to put the blame elsewhere instead of on our own choices. i don't see it going away either as modern society (thank you lbj) has told us that we are entitled or owed something.

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 3.06.2008 @ 15:48

the change people want is going to happen no matter what in january, no matter what anybody says or does, bush is gone, if you want, the witch will be dead. big friggin deal, he is lame duck anyway. but you and your ilk have to admit, if you instill all the social programs savior obama wants, especially if you do it during an economic downturn, you will send us to the stone ages. you talk about tax breaks as if they are evil, think about it for a second, what will your taxes go up to if bush's cuts are rescinded? if the senate passes the climate change bill? if socialized health care is mandated. i mean really you look at corporations and business as if they are the problem, yeah they are the problem that gives you, me, and everyone else jobs, they are the ones that are taxed second highest in the world and y'all wonder why they are going overseas, wake the f*&k up. oh and for the love of god please quite switching the subject, what the heck did gayle have to do with this, and why do y'all live in the past, wmd's?

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 3.06.2008 @ 12:58

you know, it is downright scary how many people think we are about to fold as a nation, and even more chilling to think how many people will vote for change for changes sake, the radical Pied Piper is very slick this time around (and Internet savvy). the Pied Piper that is who voted 'present' 130 times as a state senator. how much change can one make if one is unable to simply make a choice or a stand?

Comment Posted By jambrowski On 3.06.2008 @ 09:35

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