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Sharp. I don't think Palin could win the nomination because she is too much like Obama--unqualified, inexperienced, and ineffectual. The public has its fill of those traits now. I once shared with you the belief that money would be Obama's salvation in a re-election bid, but no longer. The United States Supreme Court just took care of that angle, and that is why the left-wing went batshit crazy over the ruling.

Since there will be rough finanical parity now that the corporate caps have been lifted, the GOP nomination will be quite attractive. While no fan of Romney personally, either he or someone quite like him will be the GOP nominee, which is to say a person with a full business and political resume. One term of this Empty Suit will dampen the appetite of the public to replace him with another.

Comment Posted By jackson1234 On 10.02.2010 @ 13:38


The question, then, is whether Obama is an ideologue or a pragmatist. My guess is the president is an ideologue, and will convince himself that his programs don't sell because Americans don't understand what he has attempted. Zuckerman, I think, also has drawn that conclusion. From appearances and utterances over the last few days, it appears Obama indeed is closer to Krugman than to Mort. People like Krugman, though, are never satisfied even with their most wild-eyed representatives.

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I thought about that aspect, Transplanted. These people are so arrogant and clueless, though, that they thought they would win every election cycle from 1994 until 2006, and only woh then because of two unpopular wars. They will press full steam ahead, and then decry the ignorance of the American people when they don't see how wise the left-wing truly and secretly is.

Again, the last four years will be seen as a hiccup that dragged out the Democratic Party's slow arc downward. That is why I have laughed my ass off at the suggestions the GOP was dead.

Comment Posted By jackson1234 On 19.01.2010 @ 13:41

Spin all you want but there is no way to turn this into a Republican loss--no matter how much that may contradict your faith-based belief a majority wants bigger government. The Democrats already have lost as they have been exposed as electoral paper tigers, and what awaits them in November and 2012 will make this special election a mere footnote.

The Democratic Party slowly was dying from 1980 until 2006. The last four years it has been on life support but that plug is about to be pulled. The myth of "moderate" Democrats has imploded and, along with it, the party.

Comment Posted By jackson1234 On 19.01.2010 @ 12:04


I disagree.

Palin will work with Steele and Company and then claim credit for the large number of flipped House and Senate seats, possibly a majority for the former. I'm not a Palin fan, either, but give credit where it is due: she is shrewd enough to capitalize on what will be the most Republican year possibly ever and emerge as the party's major powerbroker.

The fact she carried water for a bathetic RINO like McCain is a glimpse into how she can drop ideology on a dime when it benefits her.

I don't see Palin running for president. Given how incredibly weak and vulnerable Obama has proved, the field will be quite crowded with anti-Obamas--you know, people who actually have done something and accomplished something in their lives--but I do agree Palin will be a major factor in who the anti-Obama is (and take credit if, as seems likely now, he or she wins).

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RM: "he may have to think hard about re-calibrating his priorities and perhaps even re-inventing his presidency."

There is no "may" to it. He either will recalibrate or face a Carter-style ass thumping. From what I have seen, this truly is a man of the Left and he will go down with what remains of his ship in 2012. His ideological fanaticism, coupled with complete Administrative inexperience, makes it unlikely Obama can pull a Clinton and "recalibrate" or "triangulate" or whatever the term is these days.

That said, I have never bought that "passing something" boosts a president's popularity, or the inverse. I think an argument could be made that Obama would benefit if the health care bill went down in flames. Likewise, I don't think passage of NCLB made an iota of difference for Bush. This concept smacks of inside the Beltway bullshit.

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funny man:

My Lady of the East grew upset when I bitched about vowel and consonant placements, so to keep a stable marriage...

Comment Posted By jackson1234 On 15.12.2009 @ 10:02

Dream on, Richard. The ass whuppin' you folks will get until at least 2020 after putting this 'tard in office will be brutal. I think you know it, too.

Comment Posted By jackson1234 On 14.12.2009 @ 12:50

Classic. About lines: my wife grew up in the old East German. She says the difference between liberals and communists is the former never had to stand in a line.

Too bad you bailed just before we kick the hell out of the left-wing for the next two or three cycles, but those Che t-shirts are fairly cool.

Comment Posted By jackson1234 On 14.12.2009 @ 12:04


Before I get to the substance of this post, congratulations re below. Even when I find you tedious, at least you make me think before I am critical. That is more than can be said of 99 percent of blogs, political or not.

Now to the issue at hand. Yesterday I was proud Obama is my president. Most of the time I am not. But in this instance, he subtly called out the Euro Left appeasement mentality in such a way that he deserves high praise.

I will not descend to the gutter with the Democratic Left trash and criticize a president simply for partisan reasons. Obama made the case, and although the second half of the speech had tones of Carter, the first half was where the actual action was.

Speaking of Carter, to Obama's credit he didn't require Soviet tanks rolling into Kabul to have a semi-epiphany. We now have American tanks there, and for goddamned good reason, and the gravity of that reality has had some impact on an otherwise naive and inept president. Early into his first and likely only term, thank God, this president has come to realize the bullshit rhetoric of the faculty lounge has no application in the real world.

Obama did well, and I am, again, proud of him.

Comment Posted By jackson1234 On 11.12.2009 @ 11:58

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