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LOL, the republican sympathizers on this thread are a real laugh. They are obtuse, disingenuous, play the victim card, oh woe is me!

You just don't get it. The only standard relevant to the current situation is the Repubican one. They have held power in the Presidency, and the Congress for the last six years. They has been no Democratic standard since Clinton left office, not that his was a shining example of leadership. The problem is not the double standard, it is that the Republicans can't live up to their own standards.

The argument that the media has a double standard is bull too because the media participated in the digging up every bit of dirt on the Clintons just like they are with Foley and the House leadership.

Yes, it was terribly unfair when a sitting President had an affair with an adult female intern. It is terribly unfair that he lied about it and did not resign. It is terribly unfair hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to find something on Clinton and to try to impeach him. Terribly Terribly unfair that after all was said and done the only that could be pinned on him was that he lied about a blow job.

So now it is only fair that a 52 year old man trolling for teenage Pages on IM and via email gets a pass and that the house leadership who had knowledge of this and did nothing even though their standards are supposedly higher than those Godless liberals should get one too. Woe is me!

(This in no way resembles what actually happened. What the leadership knew was that he had exchanged emails with a former page - not one sexual reference contained therein. Your description is so wildly exaggerated one must assume you know what you are doing and are therefore deliberately lying - that's a typical godless liberal for ya).

All together now Foley sympathizers, remember to kick you neighbor in the shin so that you can feel vicitmized and then we will have Clarice or someone lead us off with a rousing version of Cumbaya.

Oh and it does not matter whether a commenter on this blog is an idiot or not. This is as far as I know Moran's private blog, he is not the government and can ban or delete who or what he wants for whatever reason he wants.

Comment Posted By j swift On 1.10.2006 @ 10:12

So what if these allegations had sit and came out a suspicious time?

So what, are you saying that this is reason to put the genie back in the bottle, give Foley back his seat and move on to let him fall back into his predation? One would think that the blow to his life would wake the man up and he would get some up help and move on to age appropriate relationships.

It appears that the Rep were covering for Foley, if not purposely then at the very, very least looking the other way after having knowledge of rumors, open secrets whatever. I personally go for the on purpose but hey maybe some of the leadership were cleaner than that it was only incompetence. Do we let this slide because of the suspicious timing? I can not recall the endless times that Republicans crowed about personal responsibility, accountability etc over the past twenty years. That is the issue, why can't the supposed leadership of this party take some responsibility.

Now, lets all get in a circle...good, now give your neighbor a swift kick to shin so that we can all be vicitms.

Comment Posted By j swift On 1.10.2006 @ 07:58

The Republican house leadership does not answer to one set of parents, they answer to the American people, they answer to the laws of this country and they should answer to the God and morals that they all seem so keen on boasting about almost everytime they are on t.v.

Got that.

Now lets all gather round for disingenuity lessons. Clarice will be leading the lesson.

Comment Posted By j swift On 1.10.2006 @ 00:28

yes clarice I always request a photo when I ask after a teenage acquaintance's health. You never know when they lying to you, don't you know.

(clapping hands and jumpin up and down) Ohhh, let's all be obtuse together...

Comment Posted By j swift On 30.09.2006 @ 23:27



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