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Here, here! I miss the old Chloe. She hasn't even gotten to shoot anybody this season.

Chloe response to Morris: "If by 'a long time' you mean forever, yes. You need to stop overcompensating for getting all those people killed."

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Even if you are Christian, and a creationist, it doesn't necessarily mean you believe all science or even just evolutionary theory is a lie (see for yourself:

That said, the website you've linked above makes ITSELF ridiculous in that they've created a site that reads like one of those patent medicine flyers from late 1800 and early 1900s. I can't understand how people could take seriously anything written in that presentation style. Maybe that's just me.

Don't even wanna get started on the actual conspiracy theories themselves or this would go on for a couple of pages...

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Heller is not dead but will, in fact, be the one to take down Logan; possibly aided by Martha and Mike. And I think poor Aaron might be dead. Meanwhile, Jack will be the one to take out Henderson.

As to the CTU conspiracy (Karen, Bill, Chloe, Jack) I don't think Logan cares that Karen was helping them. He certainly didn't seem to. With Jack located and in a corner (so to speak) and Karen, at least nominally, following his (Logan's) orders, I don't think it's going to matter. The way it was said, I think he already knew that Karen and Chloe were working together.

I like Miles. I like him more with every hour. I don't know why, I just do. So here's my prediction for him: he tries to tattle on Karen to the President, who already knows and doesn't care, and gets the brush off. He tries to confront Karen, who (with Bill's help) talks him onto their side.

Chloe gets more awesome with every episode, though I do wonder how many times in a row you can taser a person without causing permanent damage. I hope she knows because at this rate the travelling salesman's going to get it in the arm about six times next hour. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

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