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"The Bush administration knew about levee toppings. I might sound silly but is there a difference between levee topping and a levee breech?"

a little silly,yeah.

but you've got several outs:

-when the city is 80% below lake level,
either one will cause
the low elevation areas to flood.

the only "plus" of a levee topping is that the water level can subside.

with a breach the levee needs repair before a subsidence in level will show any benefits(ie Lake Ponchartrain would continue to empty water into NO until the city and lake reached the same water level across the barrier of the now broken levee).

it's like the difference between an overflowing bath-tub flooding your bathroom,
and a bath-tub with a hole in the side of it.

martin's point about the city's (failed)pump-system being of minimal help once the levee has been breached
is well taken.

given what was likely faulty levee construction(due to graft?corruption?
inadequate funding or specifications??
take your pick)the levee was going to break regardless of the pump-system performance....

the whole system was overloaded:lake level,storm surge,pump failure,levee breach.

Comment Posted By gumshoe On 11.02.2006 @ 03:30


Hezbollah would account for the
Shi'ite bad-guy(terrorist) roster,
run out of Tehran,and busy in parts of
Lebanon and Syria.

Comment Posted By gumshoe On 9.11.2005 @ 17:17

what Morgan Collins just said,Rick.

AQ is Muslim Brotherhood(Egypt)/Wahhabi
(Saudi Arabia) related.

Shi'ism is found primarily
in Southern Iraq and Iran.

OBL's ideology is mainly Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabi-derived.

Comment Posted By gumshoe On 9.11.2005 @ 16:52



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