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One reason McCain lost was because he didn't play dirty enough. While the rest of us were trying to alert the country about Obama's real dirty laundry, McCain was being too polite.

And now Obama will do everything in his power to leverage his office into a nation-changing, Constitution-destroying machine. And we're supposed to be "nice guys" and support him? Give me a freakin' break! We won't get anywhere by being "Mr Nice Guy!" The left has won by cheating and playing dirty, and we had better be ready to do the same thing, or we'll soon be living in Amerika.

Comment Posted By gpbarth On 9.11.2008 @ 11:23

I believe that someone remarked after the election, "This is only the 2nd time in her life that Michelle Obama haas been proud to be an American." Well, this is the first time that I will not accept Barack Hussein Obama as MY president. A man who does not have the experience, and a voting record of "present" for most of his short political career, a man who bought the White House with contributions that were made from very dubious sources, many of them from the Middle East (and this after promising that he would adhere to the campaign contribution rules "if the other candidate does'), a man funded by George Soros and tutored by home-grown terrorists and black theology preachers and the Chicago mob, a man who openly disdains the Constitution and will try to abolish the 2nd Amendment and severely damage the First.

No, this man is NOT my president, and I will do anything within my power to make sure he gets the same respect that he nad his cronies have given to my present President George Bush. I saw a shirt that said, "I'll keep my religion, guns and the Constitution - You can keep the "Change!" I think that it behooves all of us to resist this presidency as much as possible. A total failure in his first term will assure us that he won't be around for another one. And I'm open to any suggestions as to what can be done.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not condoning any kind of violence, just the most civil disobedience and other methods that can be assembled. For too long now, the left has thrown temper tantrums whenever their plans have been voted down (witness CA and Prop 8 - this is the 2nd time they have been defeated, and they're off to court again). As Inspector Kemp said to the good people of the village, "A riot iss a fery ugly t'ing...und I t'ink its about time ve had vun!"

Comment Posted By gpbarth On 8.11.2008 @ 18:53

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