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You do realize, that in Texas for instance, if an area of law is not settled, we will look to other state laws to see what they are doing to answer that question. Other state laws are not binding on Texas, but are used to guide arguments. You usually can find arguments both ways on an issue from different states.

When the USA was brand new, we looked to English law, French, Spanish, all sorts of areas.

What she suggests isn't new. In areas of changing law, in a changing world. Why reinvent the wheel every time. We SHOULD look and see what everyone else is doing. If we dont like it, we dont have to do it, but they might have already sorted out the problem. Again, why reinvent the wheel if the logic has already been parsed and you agree with it? Its just guidance, not binding. We do it all the time in law, see how other jurisdictions have handled an issue, and see if its relevant to your own situation.

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