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Rightwing Nuthouse.

The Right is really becoming a nut house.

Wrong in Iraq, wrong in the environment they are now the drag that the Republican Party has to carry to the next election debacle in 08.

The 27-30 percent minority that the Right represents was enough in the past to give them....... NOTHING. They had a place in the political wilderness. After an accident in history that combined "chads" and Ralph Nader to give them power with 9-11 fear to keep them in power they actually believed that there views were correct and even main stream!!!

Iraq gives you a 27% approval rating.... That would be you voting for yourselves. And in the environment is about the same percentage. Since we are in a Democracy I guess we Americans are politely trying to tell you to go back to the hole you came from, and please stay there until you can find some common sense and re-join the human race.

Comment Posted By gil On 9.07.2007 @ 18:55



You are not listening to reson.

You are makin several incorrect assumptions.

1. Congress is not the one that will decide what policy America will follow in Iraq. As it has been demonstrated, it is the President acting as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that decides troop levels, as well as war strategy. As we stand, the Republican Party (unless they are suicidal) are getting ready to "cut and run" from Bush's failed policy in Iraq come September. I believe the last straw for a lot of Republican politicians, was to see the Iraqi Government respond to our surge by going on a two month vacation.

2. The troop levels that could make a difference are in the several hundreds of thousands, and the time frame in the decades. And that's provided that some day some how the Shiite the Sunni, and the Kurds would be willing to live together in Iraq. That's not our call to make Chris, and America will not stand for that kind of open- ended commitment. It's a bridge too far.

3. Every day that goes by with more killings logic tell's you that the Shiite, Sunni, and Kurds feelings of hatred toward each other increases. Every day that goes by on this Civil War, or mess take your pick, the eductaed people of iraq, the professionals, and the peace makers simply go live somwhere else, and what's left is a failed nation with no foundations upon a come back can be supported.

4. A Shiite Iraq will ally itself with Iran. Iran is our worst enemy in the world. Why would any one want to risk this kind of result. Why would America want to stay in Iraq for decades, loose tens of thousands of lives only to end up empowering Iran?

If you get frustrated about people telling you and others what we can't do.... Is because we CAN NOT DO IT. Is not our fault that your policies from the get go were incorrect.

You see Chris is like building a house. If your foundation was designed for a 2,000 sq/ft home, and some smart ass tries to build a 3,000 sq/ft house instead....I don't have to tell you it just ain't going to work, and to listen to the people that no doubt would call to your attention to that FACT, would be the wise thing to do.... Unless you want to call them nay- sayers, and end up dead when the roof collapses on top of you.

Comment Posted By gil On 30.05.2007 @ 14:44

Answer to Chris

You sound like you want America to stay until we "win" .

Let me remind you of a few realities that can open your eyes (if you try) to the imposibility of a clear win in Iraq.

Reality No 1. Our Army and Army Reserves are now running on fumes. Mr. Bush has made sure that in "supporting" our troops, he almost nearly dismanteled our proud Armed Forces. Today only fools or delusional people can still be counted to believe that we can stay in Iraq at present or bigger troop levels and accomplish anithing resembling a victory as defined by Bush and his followers. In short, we don't have the troops to stay there for the duration that can extend to decades.

Reality No 2. Al Malaki clearly does not have the influence with the SHiite that is required to bring them to the table. Absent that there will be no compromise with the Sunni and the Kurds and absent a compromise there will be no end to the violence in Iraq surge or no surge. Maibe that's why the Iraqi politicians decided to use the time Bush gave them with the surge to go on a two month vacation, after all what's the point in staying in Baghdad and pretend any more? Too bad our soldiers can't take a vacation too.

Reality No 3. Even if we would accomplish all our goals in Iraq we would only empower Iran. We all know that a Democratic Iraq represents a Shiite Iraq. If you know anithing about the Shiite kow this.... They will ally themselves with their brothers the Shiite in Iran. SO what kind of sacrifice are we making???? If Bush is an idiot it does not mean that we all are supposed to become idiots too you know.

I can go on, and on but you get the picture. Reality is a bitch sometimes, but you have to face it.

Comment Posted By gil On 29.05.2007 @ 18:16


Sorry for the test thing... But these days most Republican Right Wing Blogs have fire walls to stop most any one they don't agree with. They most have very strong views, these blogs... They just don't know how to defend them. And they call us cowards!!!

Any way, I know this is not in this blog's topic but I am very curious to know why for the most part blogs on the Right are keeping mute about the fact that the Iraqi Government is planning to take a two month vacation right in the middle of our surge. This unprecedented event by the way happens right at the time when more than ever our soldiers are paying with their blood to buy them the time to establish a true Democracy.
Or at least that's the latest talking point by the White House.

Instead blogs on the Right continue to attack the Democratic Congress for tying in the money for this war to the Iraqi Government's performance. As in we need results, not more promises of results. Sincerely Republicans do you have any idea how this makes you look as a party, supporting the Iraqi Government that's taking off on vacation while attacking the Democrats for trying to hold the same Iraqi Government accountable?

There is no question that our soldiers will do their duty, and may even quiet down for a while some of the daily caos in Iraq.... But where is the other all important part of the equation here? On vacation for month? Is this thee commitment of the Iraqi Government you support ?

Can any one of you tell me what has been accomplished by this Iraqi Government? And now they go on vacation? Every Republican politician out there is now "Waiting for Gen. Petraeus September report to decide if the surge is working" I can tell you right now that Gen. Petraeus can say that militarly the surge is working (maibe), but that the other and most important part of the equation THE POLITICAL EQUATION is an absolute failure. Unless you Republicans would consider kindly on Democrats abandoning Congress for two months without any bill, or any resolution passed and living stranded over one hundred thousand soldiers in Iraq.

Dear Republicans it is your call. You want to continue to support this madness iy will be the end of your part and by god you will richly deserve it. I for one has lost patience with this entire enterprise. You march like Robots nehind Bush, and the man is an incompetent fool so is your call Republicans.

Comment Posted By gil On 9.05.2007 @ 20:05


Answer to B. Poster.

Your analysis is right on the money.

If we get out, or set time tables to get out, all hell will brake loose in the Middle East.... But if we stay as Bush and the Republicans want us to, we simply give our enemies what they want. That is to say keep America in a quagmire from hell for years to come, destroy our Army's capability to fight, make us trow away hundreds of billions of Dollars, and with a "victory" that will in effect hand over Iraq to Iran in a silver platter. With "victories" like that I'll take a defeat any day.

In my opinion this administration from the get go have set up a set of falce choices. Is not stay or get out. It is in my opinion separate the Shiite, the Sunni and the Kurds and send them their separate ways in a loose Confederation... And then get out.

The moment Bush went from phantom WMD's to creating a Democracy in Iraq (Nation Building), America's effort in Iraq was doomed for failure. This Administration is not only incompetent, but is down right delusionaly incompetent. The most tragic thing about Iraq's mess, is that the Bush and his Administration were WARNED about the consecuences of the invasion by the Arabs, by the Europeans, in fact by the entire world.

Comment Posted By gil On 28.03.2007 @ 20:44

The end game for Bush is to continue his war until he get's out. Is up to the Republicans to be dumb enough to let him get away with it. After all Republicans will be the ones left holding the bag.

If you Republicans don't think that the trashing your party got in 06 was enough..... Then continue to support the Idiot in chief and his war, and you'll see a new, improved, trashing for the ages in 08. Hell after 08 Republicans will be lucky to walk straight any more if they keep this up.

As for Bush..... The happiest people to see him go will be the Repubicans themselves. What a disaster of a Presidency, what a moron of a men.

Comment Posted By gil On 28.03.2007 @ 19:44


A little idea that might work.

Iraq is moving toward partition weather we like it or not.

A little known fact hardly ever reported is that the Kurds are for the most part and for all practical purposes independent now, and have been for the last 15 years. Their independence is so open that they have their own Army (the Peshmerga) numbering about 100,000 highly trained, highly motivated Kurdish soldiers. In fact with the exception of our own U.S. Army, they are by far the best Army in Iraq. Kurds will not under any sircunstance take orders from the likes of al Sistani. That is a fact.

Where am I going with this?

If the entire North of Iraq with some of the largest oil fields and oil reserves in the nation is and will remain off limits to Shiite influence then why do we continue to fool ourselves in pretending that a) there is a Democracy in Iraq we can defend? , B) That Iraq can't be partitioned if in all but name it already is? C) that the Kurds will accept to be the smallest, and therefore weakest minority in a proverbial real Democracy if it ever comes about. Given the fact that they have the strongest military, are by far the most organized, and are our true natural allies in the region how can any one believe they will just give all that up and be subservant to the Shiite... People they share nothing with? D) As pointed out by this blog, that the Sunni will just give up and accept beeing killed, cleansed out of their territory, and in effect expulsed out of their own country by the Shiite?

The only way out of Iraq is give every one what they want.... Their separate ways. The Kurds already have a Nation as I just pointed out, The SHiite already have a bast region to claim home in Southern Iraq, and the Sunni control the center.

Granted that this has problems, but the problems are by far less complicated to resolve that the quagmire from hell WITH NO SOLUTION that Bush is hell bent in persuing. Bush is delusional incompetent that should have never been President is as simple as that.

Oil is the problem in this idea (Sunni have none), and Turkey does not want a Kurdish state at it's door step. I don't know about you, but if these are the "problems" to solve, then by all means SOLVE THEM and get it over with!!.... Or of course we can continue to call each other's names, see our troops be killed ad infinitum, spend a trillion dollars to get the Iranians have Iraq handed to them in a silver platter, continue to ignore the real war on terrorism fort lack of resources, etc, etc.

Byden might be right who knows. I for one like at least part of the idea. In the end it might just happen by default. Like I said it is already a done deal in Kurdistan.

Comment Posted By gil On 2.02.2007 @ 22:53

Home page.

Congratulations. This is the first time I see a Right Wing blog call it like it is in Iraq..... There is still some hope for you guys.

Your analysis is superior, correct, incisive, and above all based in reality not the usual delusion coming from your side.

I am impresed.

Comment Posted By gil On 2.02.2007 @ 22:26



Congrats. Finally I found some people actually doing some reading before they talk. I was just in another blog (stratasphere) that is full of morons with the good old slogas of "victory" and "cowards Democrats"nothing of substance to say but attacks to the Left and to the Right.

As for your comment. Tell me what you think of the following.

We keep on hearing about "winning" in Iraq. But Al-Malaki the Iraqi head of state owes his position to Al Sadr and his Militias. Not a single Shiite Militia has ever been disarmed or directly confronted by Al Malaki or the Interior Ministry.... But, we are asked to support this so called Government of unity" and is in fact the benchmark for the so called "victory" That is to say to support the Government until they can establish security in Iraq. How on heart can we "win" by giving Al Malaki and Al Sadr the power. Do we understand that Al Sadr is backed by the Iranias ? Do we understand that the only "security" that Al Malki's Government can produce in it's current configuration is that of the Shiite as masters and the Sunni as slaves? DO we understand that the Sunni are in a battle to the death for their survival and that it is too late to convice them otherwise after all the killing?

The "surge" of 20,000 troops will be used to go door to door hunting for Sunni and Shiite revels and Militias. Let me run the following numbers by you: Bagdhad is a city if 6.5 Million People Shiite, Sunni for the most part. The book you make reference to, gives a ratio of 50:1 as a base to try and control an insurgency. That is to say one soldier for every 50 civilians. That comes to 130,000 Higly trained soldiers needed in Bagdhad AT LEAST. Today we have 120,000 security personnel in Bagdhad 70,000 are police (Shiite and infiltrated ) worthless in combat, the rest are Iraqi Army units infiltrated to several degrees. That lives us with aprox 15,000 U.S Front Line troops and our surge of 20,000.... You see the math??? We are at least 70,000 highly trained soldiers short.

On top of that unless Shiite and Sunni are totaly stupid they will not stay and fight, they will move around in a Nation of 26 million people, and hit us at their convenience as they have been doing all along.

For the life of me I don't see how Bush can believe this is going to help the mess he created... OK, I can see why... He is an idiot.

Comment Posted By gil On 8.01.2007 @ 22:20



"What is not forbidden is permitted"

That is a rather narrow interpretation of the law taken by the supreme court.

I tought they were called upon to rule on what is forbidden or permitted.

Laredo, TX is a perfect example of this idiotic way of interpreting the law.

Re-Distriting in Laredo, TX was made an exception to the rulling because in that case the re-distriting affected minorities. As a result Henry Cuellar (D) lost to Henry Bonilla (R) by a narrow margin that came about by re-distriting Laredo's population. The court ruled that minorities were affected therefore the re-distriting in Laredo, TX was wrong. But the re-distriting had the exact same effect and it was done with the exact same intentions in Anglo districts and that is OK with the Supremes!!. On top of this the re-distriting was done way before the 10 year census and that is also OK !!

So in short the supremes think that re-distriting is not allowed when it affects minorities, but is allowed when it affects Anglos. And now the 10 year census that is suposed to justify change is no longer needed. What may I ask justifies change now? Delay like ass holes justify change now? Because if that is the case we and our Democracy are in trouble now my friend.

The census taken every ten years gives re-districting boards a clear view as to how to proceed in their task.

What the supre court did was to allow politicians to do wherever they like, when they like. No longer real numbers from census matter. For the life of me I don't understand how you or any one can support this idiocy.

For you to say that there will not be much disruption is rather naive. Just because re-distriting is difficult does not mean it will not be done. The fact is that this decision by the Supreme Court just made it much less difficult.

The stakes are extremely high for Republicans and Democrats now, and you can bet top dollar that the incentive to "re-district before your foe does, will be overwhelming". Is like an arms race now.

Hell, no responsible party chairman will propose NOT to redistrict when you have the chance now!! Is now or never for the two parties. Republicans just opened Pandora's box in Texas, now they, and all Americans will suffer the consecuences.

The Supreme Court just made an incredible mistake. Scalia (You mentioned him) is a joke. The guy has no credibility left after the debacle in Florida. Where was his so called "textualism" then?

What the divided decision by the Supre Court did was to give politicians the go ahead to undermine our democracy at will.

And we are "creting" a Democracy in Iraq!!! What a joke.

Comment Posted By gil On 28.06.2006 @ 22:59

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