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Paul & Rick.

There's many problems in life with no good solutions-- Just bad solutions, and worst solutions. I just said something that a long time ago should have been obvious to all those nuts on the extreme Left, and Right that some how continue to pretend that there most be a solution to the mess Iraq if we just stay a little longer in the case of the Right, or no solution at all, and we most simply pack and go in the case of the extreme left.

To these people I say this. Republican Conservatives (the Right) . You are not looking for a solution, you are looking for an excuse not to be held accountable for your mistakes by trading the blood of our soldiers, for the time you will need not to be looked at as having supported a failure of a President. How much time? As long as it takes to pin the mess on some one else. In fact you are still doing it.

If you were true to your patriotic standards, then long ago you would have realised that the rethoric did not match the mission. That we needed a real all out effort, a National Draft, a ten fold increment of troops, an increase of taxes, a firm diplomatic D-Day to recruit Arab Nations behind us.... But you Repubnlicans were and still are just play acting. Make believe cartoon "patriots" that would have made our forefathers cringe in disgust.

As for the Democratic Extreme Left. The mess in Iraq will spread if we pack and go. That's about the only thing Bush has said where he makes sence. Never mind that he is only repeating the very same warning that desperate people tried to make him understand before he started the war. We can't simply pack and go because we would be living behind much more than a failed state. We will be living behind a potential, and very real Regional war that would in no time engulf us all right back in. Only this time with a problem larger than we could possibly handle. So Left extremist, your's is not a solution-- It is madness. It is compounding exponentially the mistakes of the Present Administration and all these misguided patriots that call themselves the Right.

In the end I believe the solution will have to be a loose Federal call- it- what- you- will kind of "Government. There's some Nations like Spain for example, that have autonomous regions like the Basques in the North East, or Cataluña (Catalan) in the South East. These regions came about after a long and bloody civil war, and in the case of the Basque people is still going on (ETA Separatist)..... But Spain is a prosperous country today, that lives in peace, is united, and has one of the highest standards of living in the planet.

The Basque people have their own language, and culture, and so have the Catalans. If you go to these regions you will find yourself looking at people that not only speaks Spanish as a second language, but you'll see Spaniards forced to understand Catalan for example because most road signs are in Catalan. But Catalans and Basques do consider themselves 100% Spaniards.

This peaceful coexistence comes with maturity, and maturity comes with time. Our Army can be used to patrol endlessly, and die endlessly, and be used as an al-quaida recruiting tool endlessly--- Or it can be used to support this kind of change in a more father-to-son role, rather than the baby sitting role it has now.

So yes, we need to be in Iraq for the duration and support the Iraqi people, but we need to stop our Army from beeing misused as it has so shamelessly been misused. And yes we need to drastically change not only our policies in Iraq, but the way we see the world.

There is no more ignorant people about the world that we the American people, even tough we are the only world's superpower. That needs to change or we will make the same mistake again with some future "Bush the incurious"--- We are going to be paying for his "incuriosity" for a long, long time. Thank you very much Republicans.

We'll remember it in 2008. Next time pick some one that knows more than to light a good BBQ fire-- The Middle East was a very bad place to play with matches guys.


Comment Posted By gil On 19.09.2007 @ 21:16


I do agree with most of what you say. Buy you sound angry, and altough God knows you have every right to be angry after the kind of criminal "Leadership" we have had on Iraq-- It's time for focusing on the task of getting our fellow Americans out of Iraq with the honor they deserve.

Soon Bush will be just a a bad memory in the history of our country. And I have to tell you, a probable Democratic President will have his/her hands full in Iraq, not to mention the Republicans demanding results (finally) , not talk of progress.

If the next President is wise, he/she will forget the "base" demands, and do the right thing for the American people, but most importantly for the American soldiers. And in my humble opinion, doing the right thing starts from taking responsability and saying "I, the President as your Leader do take upon the task to resolve the problem that was allways a political problem, and therefore for politicians to resolve" "I will not allow the loss of the life of one more American soldier if all politicians American and Iraqi are not fully 110% commited to compromise" And in order for this words not to be just another empty promise, and in order for politicians to for once sit down and do what's right for their people" I plage that our Army will sit down on the side lines until a compromise is reached" We Americans need to understand the limit of our power, and what can, and can't be done with our Army".

If our new leader combines these words with deeds, and with a 100 % political commitment so horrible lacking from this administration, there might be a chance yet to salvage some sence of accomplishment from the sad mess Bush made of Iraq.

There's work to be done, and the work will not be done by extremist any more.

Comment Posted By gil On 19.09.2007 @ 18:39


You apparently believe that more training of the Iraqi Army is what's needed.

Tell me, what in the previous experience of Iraqi troop Training gives you the absolute confidence you reflect in your comment " In two years there will be 15-20 Iraqi Brigades that will be able to take over" ???

Please take into account that any "Iraqi Brigades" will have to take over not only our region of security (The SUnni Center + Baghdad) , but the Shiite South too. And please remember that if by then (like now) there's no political reconsiliation forthcoming, then those iraqi Brigades will be put between a rock and a hard place by the very tribes and regions these soldiers came from.

Or do you picture a Sunni soldier in one of these brigades accepting a Shiite soldier killing a bunch of Sunni in his region ?

My point is simple. For some obscure reason, some one decided (probably a laszy politician) that security most come first, and political compromise will automatically follow. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact that's a transparent ploy by politicians (America and Iraqi) to get themselves off the hook and avoid making the ugly, hard decissions that they will have to make and risk their political lives, and in some cases their very lives in the process. Let the Army carry the water, and bring it to our table to drink--- That's the politician position. The more the Army gives them security with their blood, the less pressure they feel to compromise. Because security does not equal compromise right Rick?

The very success in al Anbar is proof of what I just said. For years al Anbar was a troubled Region of Iraq because we were hell bent in imposing security first. It did not work. And now is working because we came to a political agreement between the Sunni Regional Leaders, America, and to some extent the al-malaki "Government" or at least what's left of it.

In al Anbar we see all the elements we need to win at work. First real LEVERAGE on our part, created by the al-Quaida treat to the stability of the power base of the Sunni Regional Leaders. As a result of the al Quaida treat, we got the leverage to negociate from a position of strenght (our money and logistical support for your cooperation and union to fight al-Quaida with us). Second. The implementation of the political agreement into the field, with all the forces in the region (not just U.S. forces) taking the fight to al-Quaida. Third. The obvios assurance that at last we can live and be sure that what we live behind will not collapse as it has happen before.

There's many and obvios draw backs and qualifiers to go with POLITICAL RECONSILIATION FIRST, AND SECURITY SECOND policy. For example in the above mentioned al Anbar success. The Sunni can decide after they defeat al-Quaida with our help, that they will go back to be our enemies, or the enemies of al-Malaki's Government.

But is another way to look at a problem. Is another way that at least for now has proven to have worked.... Unlike the train the troops till the cows come home policy--- No offense Rick, but that strategy has lost a lot of credibility with the american people, and for good reason. I am not saying your idea will not work, I am saying that if you are honest with yourself, your idea might be a bit to late in the "game" to be done. Besides is the same put the troops first, and force a compromise at the point of a gun kind of policy that has 4 1/2 years running with only the word "success" to show for.


Comment Posted By gil On 19.09.2007 @ 17:31


Got your blood going??

You know I see you agree with "the people" comments... Good for you.

You know in my opinion Rick, if you would let go with the unecessary insults you'll be one of the best on your side.

Just the other day I was in a blog where "wordsmith" (the blogs owner) would not even agree that the next Administration will inherit the war in Iraq from Bush, because "Bush did not start the war". His take was the war on terror was not started by Bush, Iraq is part of the war on terror, therefore Bush did not start the war in Iraq.

With mental gymnastics, otherwise refered to as absolute intellectual dishonesty like that running rampant in your Party, you guys are going to need devine help to stay in power.

By the way, for what is worth, I do agree with your view that the two parties are playing politics with a bunch of kid's lives on the line. Unfortunate, but can't be helped in modern American Politics where the extremist on the two sides are the so called "base" of their respective parties.

I am in construction, and take it from me--- With a base (foundation) like the one the Demmocrats and republicans have, is just a matter of time before the house collapses on top of our heads.

Comment Posted By gil On 19.09.2007 @ 16:32

Dear Home Page.

I have a very good idea. Since you and your followers on the Right Wing have 4 + years calling people that disagee with your policiy in Iraq "cowards", or "defeatist", why don't you make an open invitation for the "coward" Democrats to see you and your "Rambo in times of hunger" friends, and call us cowards to our face?

It is impressive the "bravery" that you and your friends display from your key- boards. What a rush to feel so brave because you "support" some soldier to stay for his third tour of duty!!! Man, that really takes a lot of bravery indeed!!!!!! What an incredible fighter you most be when you want some one else to stay and fight for years until YOU win sitting in your couch!!!!!

What an admirable brave man you are !!!!

Having said those words of "admiration" for the incredible display of bravery that you and your fellow Apocalypse now cartoon characters friends display, let me give you my definition of cowardice.

A coward is one that hides in the shadows to insult people. A coward is one that attacks in anonimity from the web. It would be nice Mr. "Brave" man, if you and your friends along with your insults, would give us your names, addresses and phone #'s to show that you are indeed brave enough to walk your talk if need be. But of course you will not.

As for the "white flags" that according to you the Democrats are flying with "no takers"---- In 2008 you'll see the "takers" pal. your Republican partisan friends think is "brave" to send some one else to die, so that you can some how prove to yourselves that you are not a bunch of imbeciles for trying to use our Armed Forces as a permanent Baby-Sitter for a bunch of corrupt Iraqi politicians. Your Republican frinds think that Americans can just look the other way at the incredible amount of mistakes you "brave" ones have made, and request no accountability, and buy your empty, and infantile bravado.

Pal, the guys with the "white flags" are the majority of the American people, not just the Democrats. We all want to win in Iraq (so much for your white flag)..... We just don't want to do it with your DEMONSTRABLY stupid and delusional crowd in charge of the policy.

So come 2008, we end what we started in 2006. You want the Iraq war to continue the way it has been going? , we will give you your wish, get up your couch, get a rifle, and go fight it yourself. Hell, I'll buy you the rifle myself pal.

As for victory-- The real road to Victory, will come when your crowd is out. As simple as that.

Comment Posted By gil On 19.09.2007 @ 15:57



I agree with your views.

The only difference of opinion is that I believe that the war was not for lower gas prices, but for bigger gas revenues for this Administration's masters. The oil Conglomerates.

Poor oil man, they waited all their lives for their golden opportunity to take over the second largest reserves of oil on hearth, they put in their best man Cheney as VP, they lobbied and gave hundreds of millions of Dollars to turn politicians into putty, and soften rough spots. They were one short step away from having it all....... And then they get the "Decider" deciding, and it all goes to hell.

Iraq's oil is at the very center of the impasse in the Iraqi Government. The Kurds are the main road block. Why? Because it is in Northern Iraq that exist the largest proven reserves of oil in the country. And Kurdistan also happens to be the friendliest political force to America..... And American oil Companies.

If Iraq goes Shiite, America will get but a small portion of oil contracts. If on the other hand Iraq can't get an agreement and the Kurds go their way, America will get the lion's share of Iraq's oil.

America can't afford the Shiite controling such a big portion of the world's oil reserves (Irak and Iran). For it is the Shiite and not the Sunni that are our natural enemies in the Middle East. Therefore, one more time I have to wander at Bush the oil man and his sanity.

Like I said everithing was going fine for the oil man, until Bush came along.

Comment Posted By gil On 20.07.2007 @ 19:48


When the Iraqi people voted they voted for their Sects. That is to say Shiite voted for Shhite, Sunni for Sunni and Kurds for Kurds.

Look at the record, and don't get confused.

You don't build a Democracy like that.

The Iraqi Government is composed of a buch of Pro-Iranian Representatives, Insurgent, and Militia Leaders and good old crooks. If you call that a "Democracy" I have a bridge I want to sale you.

You guys need to please stop and THINK about what you are asking our Military, and the Iraqi people to do. You want our Military to some how continue fighting until some day down the road HOPEFULLY the Iraqi people, in a miracle get an epiphany and start to love each other, after having killed themselves for a thousand years.

And why do we want that? "Because if we live they win" that's why!!!!!!

People you do need to grow up. They don't call Right Wingers delusional for nothing.

Comment Posted By gil On 20.07.2007 @ 18:52


So Iran is having a field day making our troop's life miserable in Iraq. And guess what? As long as we stay in the Middle East our Army will suffer proxy attacks by Syria, Iran, and just about every country that wants to hit us with impunity, not to mention the thousands of "Jihadist" that will love nothing more than to teach the "Great Satan" a lesson. But according to the Right "We loose if we live" .... Yeah and if we stay you guarantee IED attacks on our troops till the cows come home .... Just great guys!!!! Congratulations your strategy is showing incredible results!!!

You have our soldiers running around Iraq getting killed and maimed while "policing" a bunch of tugs, terrorists, militias, insurgents, al-Quaida Jihadist, desperados, sadist, rapist and every low life one can think off because "we can't loose" and "we need to give the Iraqi Government time " ..... The Iraqi Government delusional people is Al Sadr, is Al Sistani, is Iran proxy politicians..... And the rest are as corrupt as a Mexican Bandido.

I have news for you people. You have our Army in their fifth year of a Nation building enterprise they were never designed as a force to do.

If you want to continue with this noncense stop using the 101 Airborne, 82 Airborne brcause we don't have enough combat troops to patrol streets !!!! This is Idiotic. What's next Navy Seals, and Delta forces guarding road blocks?

Is part of the "we most stay to win" Bull that does not make sense. Satay and be targets? Is that what we stay for?

Or do you actually suggest that your pals on the Right will some day grow the courage they need to call for a draft, and send the amount of troops and resources that is needed to match their rethoric?

You guys live in Lala land. You just love to bull shit.

Say the "surge" is working.... Problem is that the Government is at the beach on vacation for August. We bought them time indeed...... Yeah, time for a vacation.

The good news is that the "surge" is working in some areas.
The bad news is that is not working in others, and even if would, we will still be unable to get out because the solution is not Military, but political. The Right's bleeding harth never ending commitment only makes the Iraqi Government like a poor guy on welfare why work if money is in the mail?

So thank's for nothing pal.

Comment Posted By gil On 20.07.2007 @ 17:54


Maibe you need to try to understand what this blog is explaining to the likes of you. You guys continue to ignore reason and is becoming freaky.

You continue like every one in the Right to repeat the same things over and over again like if you were brain washed.

READ MY LIPS FRIEND. Your ideas are based on faith, hope, and down right delusion. Your side has 4+ years saying the same thing and they very well can say the same thing for the next 10 years. The echoes and re-echoes of "we are making progress" , " we are turning the corner" , "it's haaaard", " We need to help Democracy" , "We have to stay till victory"

At some point in time words need to be backed with deeds, and we are way past that time.

For people like you to again come out with the same tired stuff is frankly sad.

I don't know in how many ways can people tell you that the Shiite and the Sunni do not want to live together, you'll still ignore it, and make pretend that they can. It flyes against all logic, and sane thinking.

Or do you suppose that if a Lefty would go, and kill your family you'll try to make amends by becoming his neighbor?

I agree with this blog that we need to stay in Iraq. But if Bush and people like you don't want to put more troops, more money, a draft, etc. to give the several decades (if ever) that your Iraqi Government will need to make some concessions, then I suggest that you stop acting like you can with 150,000 troops.

Or to put it in other words.... The rethoric does not match the mission.

Comment Posted By gil On 20.07.2007 @ 14:08



Please do look at the science.....

And please look at who supports the science for Global Warming, and the "science" against global warming.

Science is apolitical. But if that's the case way has the Bush Administration for years now done everithing within their power to discredit every scientist warning of Global Warming?

..... Are they dangerously ignorant?

Me, I am not dangerous. I am just trying to put the facts as I see them.

Comment Posted By gil On 9.07.2007 @ 20:07

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