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It seems to me that about half the people are convinced that there is a case to answer for the government being complicit in instigating or having foreknowledge of 911 and the other half are still in soft slumber: simply denying all the facts just because the alternative (at least to them) is unthinkable.

I say it again: WAKE UP oh sleepy one and go do some independent research. It is not easy in this day and age to fool such a vast number of people who are already awake and realise what is going on.

I understand it is difficult to believe, I understand that. But history has shown many examples of governments doing this sort of thing. Why should the present leaders be any different? Does anyone seriously think that goverment leaders are "good" people? How can anyone be so blind to all that is going on? It is one thing to be skeptical but to deny truth, well that is a completely different ball game and the consequences are even worse.

PS: Jim Treacher pointed out that I should have used "cue" instead of "queue" in my last post (no. 19). Thank you Jim. However, ending by saying that I'm, koo-koo-nutty in your post (no. 35) only goes to prove that people who think they're intelligent are really just a little sad. Carry on being a pedant until you wake up.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 24.08.2007 @ 11:44

Read my lips. 911 was instigated, propagated, conspired, inspired, planned and executed by our renowned murdering leaders and the leaders from whom they take their queue. Period. No questions, no answers. The game is over. Goodnight.

Comment Posted By ghosttown On 21.08.2007 @ 14:46

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