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About those Swiftboat guys...

Kerry knew about the Swiftboat guys before the convention, if for no other reason than they'd shown up at his prior elections. In fact, before the election, he tried to buy them off.

Strangely, in spite of knowing that they were lurking in the wings, he lead with the utterly... stupid? ballsy? arrogant?.. tact of "Captain Kerry reporting for duty" at the DNC Convention.

When Kerry leads with his chin, he leads with a lot, and he certainly set himself up for a huge fall on that one. He got one chance to leave a lasting impression to the American people in that convention, and no sooner than he left that impression the Swift Boat guys killed it.

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There are blizzard warnings in much of the state right now, so nothing is gonna happen in the way of quality campaign stops. I'm not sure that the press can cover anything until mid-tomorrow given their inability to get out on the roads, and the necessity of covering all of the weather-related news.

So, as much as I'd love to see this as a sign that Hillary is weakening, I'm more likely to see this one as a weather-related deal.

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