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Well said Gustav these anti-tax freaks think we can go on spending our Kids futures away and still have the infrastructure needed to keep the country going. On top of the most bloated government in the history of the United States. The worst type of shortsighted selfishness imaginable.

Comment Posted By galwaydave On 16.10.2008 @ 21:24

Its refreshing to find a conservative Blog that has some sensible comments. As a Regan Republican I will be voting for Obama because as Regan once said I did not leave the republican party the republican party left me. I am actually a centrist now, and vote for a candidate not a party. That’s why I voted for Regan he was good for America and had a vision after the excesses of Carter and liberalism. Well now we have to deal with excesses of Bush and neo-conservatism. As I see it, we need a swing back to the left some to bring us back to the center. These Scary “Tax Increases” Obama is proposing really only brings the tax structure back to the level they were at during the Regan Administration. The same with the Regulations on the Stock Market that had been in place then. It seemed to work fine then why not now? Those who carp on about “creeping socialism” really have no idea what socialism is. Go read up on Sweden and Norway and their system of government and tax structure (Can you say 98% wealth tax?) then get back to me. Unless you think America in the 80’s was socialist. The problem with Conservatives is the same as that of Liberals. Myopia. You can never see the forest for the trees. Even as the whole neo-con Ideal is going down in flames you will never admit that too much of anything liberalism or conservatism is no good for anything especially the country.

Comment Posted By galwaydave On 16.10.2008 @ 21:09



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