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Apparently Sarah Palin got the memo and is bashing Obama over the head with this. LOL!

Love the headline Rick! LMAO! I guess this would be a good reason to stock up on some good bourbon for the winter if you think Obama might win!

This is going to be killah in PA, OH, WV, VA and well just everywhere. For those of you that do not get it, just remember what Biden said in the rope line about coal. This seems to back up Joe, and makes him look not so loony. Maybe there is something to back up his comments about Obama being tested when it comes to foreign affairs. So far, Joe the Gaffetastic Gaffemaster is shooting us straight when it comes to his running mate!

And for you negative naybobs, I smell a McCain victory! Insert smiley face here!

Comment Posted By freeus On 2.11.2008 @ 16:49


We all know the story that goes, "... and then they came for me!" Ignorance was ultimately no defense when Proof, solid Proof, came knocking down the door, and they carted you off to Lord knows where.

Proof came to my door one day in Germany in 1985. All I had ever seen of Hitler's time was via books, movies, documentaries and discussions in schools. I was with a friend whose mother was German, and had died. We were there for her funeral. We stopped by my friend's grandmothers apartment in Berlin, West Berlin. My friends grandmother reluctantly showed me the pictures her husband had taken during WWII. Her husband once ran a photography studio in Germany. He saw what was happening in Germany with the rise of Hitler, and he sent his wife and two small children to Switzerland because he was being forced to enroll into the German army. He had NO PROOF, that they were in danger but he still preferred for his family to leave all they knew, and to go into Switzerland. He was assigned to take pictures of different battles, and you can imagine the other things that I saw in those photo albums. She was concerned about my reaction upon seeing the pictures. I thought it was rather silly considering the time that had passed, and considering how young I was. It was not until later reflection on the day that I finally figured out through the exchange what she was trying to do was prove to me that Hitler was real; he was still very real to her and she was in her later 80's early 90's. It was as if she wanted me to know I should never not believe what took place during WWII, the capacity for evil, the unfortunate circumstances for some Germans pressed into military service, and to give me a bit of a piecer of her proof that young people must always be knowledgeable about history. When I hear Imadinnerjacket saying the Holocaust never happened, and others saying there is no PROOF, I think about my visit to Germany in 1985, and I wonder if these people were dropped on their heads when they were babies!

We at one time kept children during the summer months who were from Belarus. They had been exposed to radiation from Chernobyl. I have not been to Belarus, nor seen Chernobyl, but I clearly saw the damage radiation had done to these children. I saw it in they dental X-rays, their skinny, under nourished bodies, and inability to understand it was okay to drink all the orange juice they wanted. I never met their parents, but I knew they once lived in a Soviet block country, and still live in extreme poverty. They typically make about $40-$80 dollars per month. I knew we had to stitch money into the lining of their new coats we sent them back with, in order for their parents to receive the money and not have it stolen by the Russian and Belarussian border guards I never saw. I know that for every two weeks they were here their lives were extended because less and less of the children in this program were dying as compared to those who could not or chose not to come to the U.S.

Sometimes proof is not just in the pudding, but it is offered in results, or actions, or even as time passes proof emerges. Funny thing about proof is that many times to see proof you have to have just a tad bit of common sense. Sometimes proof is found in your gut feelings, impressions or based on historical evidence, and life experiences. I believe Rick because I have no cause not to, and because he offered factual evidence. I believe Rick because he does not have an agenda like say, David Axelrod, or one Barrack Hussein Obama. I believe it is possible to plant campaign operatives in strategic places because of one hilarious move by a one Rush Limbaugh. It was called Operation Chaos, and I believe it was wildly successful. LOL! I should know, I participated in it! LOL, again! I believe my understandings of this type of move by the Obama campaign because I have been to Europe, I have seen socialism, I have studied Russia and I have interacted with people from both Russia, Germany, Belarus and Italy. Yes, I believe it is entirely possible, and more than likely, there have been plants in the rallies to inject insanity and to justify the most outrageous bilge coming from the likes of Lewis, other lackeys, and Obama himself. But more importantly, I believe this was done to keep the message the GOP has coming out about Obama as far to the back burner as possible. Funny how all this came about as Ayers and ACORN was hitting the proverbial fan.

Comment Posted By freeus On 12.10.2008 @ 17:10

It is fear. Fear is either going to save us or kill us.

The Obama campaign took over control of the media in all forms except two areas. He has railed against the internet and talk radio. Those are two areas he has yet to fully control. Then came Palin and the large crowds, and while that is not a form of media, it was certainly something he could not control. We began to hear stories about how the McCain/Plain rallies were out drawing Obama's rallies. Word was being spread via the crowds to the internet and talk radio. We were jazzed and hopeful that with the help of Governor Palin, Johnny Mac might just pull his butt over the finish line and save America.

The internal numbers were showing Obama either standing still or moving backwards. Even if he had some gains, it was well within the margin of error. And then these rallies began to take on a flavor of bizarrely reported radicalism. I thought the timing was rather odd. I thought this all by my little self, and with absolutely no influence from anyone. I knew there was something to this when the media latched on to the so called crazies in the audience. The question then became, why, what was the motivation for the plants? My conclusion was fear.

After studying Russia for many of my adult years, you begin to recognize engineered fear, or Marxist tactics when deployed. I am with the guy that said this is 100% Axelrod crowdturfing. Who wants to go to a gathering if nuts are there and the police might be involved, or someone might cause a riot? And what is going to be covered by the media, the message or the crazy in the crowd? This is a blatant political move by the Obama campaign, and no, there are not any black helicopters circling my house yet. No matter what McCain and Palin say, the message will not get out, and it also succeeded in shutting down the fire in McCain in going after Obama on legitimate issues such as Ayers and ACORN.

David Freddosso is right in his article in the New York Post, Conservatives are scared to death of an Obama Presidency. I wonder how many out of fear will rise to the occasion to vote in droves in order to save us? I wonder if we can be saved even if McCain is elected? I wonder how these types of tactics are going to play out across the fruited plain if Obama is POTUS? Are we going to be so afraid we will no longer gather in groups to express our views? Will this extend to the Church? How many others see this the way my family and I do? Is America this far gone down the Marxist path that there is no turning back, and there are no bread crumbs left to follow in order to find our way back home? Is fear going to take over every aspect of our lives? Obama has already caused such a racial divide in America that each race looks at one another very suspiciously while in lines at the checkout stands, at sporting events and just walking down the sidewalks. You can feel the fear and mistrust down to your very bones. Fear is either going to save us, or kill us as a nation.

Comment Posted By freeus On 12.10.2008 @ 13:02


Look, I am a housewife in a red state between LA and AL, and even I KNEW this was hogwash! I looked at my husband and said asked him if he followed what Biden had just said; he had no clue. We are just your average Americans that attempt to have a general idea as to what is going on in the world. I was shocked the genius pundits who keep telling us that we should give up because McCain has lost, did not bring this blather forward and focus in on the insanity coming out of Biden's mouth.

And just as an aside, when is someone going to call Obama and Biden on this mess about going after Bin Laden? I have just about had it with this mantra that WE, or Bush did not go after Bin Laden. They speak as if they know exactly where Bin Laden is. Joe said he was somewhere in, or near Pakistan. Well how in the world does he know this, and if he and Obama know where he is, then why are we not carpet bombing the area? It was Clinton and the Dems that knew where he was, and did not give him his one way ticket to blood thirsty terrorist heaven. This tone Biden and Obama have taken regarding Bin Laden also reflects a negative tone, or insinuates OUR military have perhaps done something wrong or were inadequate. I wish someone would call them on this implication.

Good article and way to go internet for doing what the MSMLSDS will not do!

Comment Posted By freeus On 3.10.2008 @ 15:27



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