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The statement that "massive amount of fossil and anthropological evidence [show] how humans evoloved" demonstartes why other theories need to be taught in schools. The fossil record and anthropological evidence show no such thing. Read "Bones of Contention," by Marvin Lubenow, for example, to see just how unsettled and political this field of science is. That doesn't mean the Christian myths are correct, either. But it doesn't help to angrily rant that pure Darwinism, or evolutionary theory are settled matters that need no other consideration, either They're not, except in the minds of Richard Dawkinses of the world, who are just as fundamentalist, and just as unobjective in their Darwinist belief system, as the Bible thumpers who so enrage you. This time, it's Spencer Tracey who's playing the role of narrowminded zealot in the current verision of "Inherit the Wind."

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