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To #14: Yes, Canada is no more. Through the smouldering nightmare landscape laid to waste by Pierre Trudeau, that homo-commie, nary a living soul roams, and those that do are forced to participate in a nefarious socialized medicine program. Truly it chills the blood.

#15 If the right indeed limited itself to just your kind of critique, you wouldn't hear a complaint from the likes of me. But true bad faith operators like #14 keep implying that electing Obama would not just result in ham-fisted governance, but instead talk about ACTUAL TERRORISM and MARXISM, and other such patently absurd, mind-numbingly stupid scenarios. It's pathetic and ridiculous. OBAMA IS A DEMOCRAT, not a nazi, terrorist, or black supremacist. Please tell me that the people claiming otherwise are just cynical, inflammatory political hacks who aim to manipulate, and not INCREDIBLY STUPID CRETINS WHO BELIEVE THAT @#@$%.

Comment Posted By franglo On 21.04.2008 @ 01:05

Look, as an Obama supporter who, last time I checked anyway, is in full possession of my mental faculties (and have no criminal record), let me explain why my support continues despite the various allegations about his past associations.

I believe there is so little in Obama's record that suggests corruption, character flaws or violence that his opponents are digging really deep to try to find something, anything to hang on him. The overall strategy is to insinuate that Barack Obama, a United States Senator with a 20-year record of public service, is at once a marxist, and also a terrorist.

This is no exaggeration. By the time November rolls around, the right wing will be trying to paint him as all these things at once. Marxist, corrupt machine pol, muslim, terrorist.

This does not affect my perception of Obama because all of it is transparently absurd for any thinking person. John McCain is not being held to the same standard, in which all of his previous acquaintances and associates are considered to be proxies for the man himself and his recorded views.

If this were an ideal campaign, Obama's opponents would criticize him on the basis of his public service record (his votes and legislation) and his stated positions. Not those of his pastor, his acquaintances, his drycleaner, or his dog. If you are a real conservative, there should be enough there to argue with-- Obama is a traditional democrat, with social-democratic positions, like those of Europe's right wing parties.

Instead, spurious adolescent-minded attacks on character are instigated and repeated. Obama is demonstrably not a terrorist, a muslim, a black separatist, or a terrorist, and yet all these things are hinted at. It's actually just pathetic. And out of touch. And unlikely to carry Republicans to victory.

Comment Posted By franglo On 20.04.2008 @ 16:01



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