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i am new here, just saw this item on
i have tremendous respect and love for our military. my husband was a marine, my uncle a sailor, my father in law, a soldier.
i am a democrat. like many voters, both right and left, no one platform speaks entirely for me, which is why i would love to see a split ticket, one which would include the best ideals of each party--fiscal responsibility coupled with a compassionate respect for the civil rights of all. that said, i will point out that even though i opposed the war i was DELIGHTED to see those two scumbags, uday and qusay hussein, taken out by our military.
that's why it demoralizes and horrifies me to see our beautiful and courageous soldiers exploited in the name of freedom when they are permitted (or encouraged?) to torture and kill detainees. nothing is accomplished from this: john mccain, who suffered torture and imprisonment, has pointed out that no valuable information is gathered from torture--so why do it? i am so proud of this wonderful country, and i always count on us to uphold principles that other countries may not find expedient. let's not lose our moral compass in the wreckage of 9/11. we lost enough there already. i just want to take a moment to honor the sentiments expressed at the top of this page--a sentiment which begs us to be our honorable selves--to reject torture and to stick to the geneva agreements. the last thing we want to do is inflame more terroristic feeling.
we're the united states--let's do the right thing.

Comment Posted By frances liscio On 5.08.2005 @ 17:27



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