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Regarding the cartoons, they're cartoons. To print them or not is a judgement call and in the big scheme of things, on a scale of one to, say a million, ranks way up around a two. Fox News asks Miss Malkin on to represent this issue and I finally got an uninterrupted video to download and be able to view the videoooooono, no, no, we can't show that! But we got these really cool incoherent boobs flailing about like the fools they are and we're real sure, you've never seen this before. And I was ticked when FOX got the slap down here in Japan, my last shot at unbiased news, NOT! When the joke becomes a joke....

Comment Posted By forest hunter On 8.02.2006 @ 00:53



Perhaps it's due to his esteem for the President of the United States-you know George being responsible for everything-surely that Gitchi Manitou status has some perks, like knowing when the sky is falling and such.

Comment Posted By forest hunter On 7.02.2006 @ 17:38

What, no word from Insanetor Swimmer? Senator Biden doin' the biddin alone.....What of the other Ululators?

OOOh, they're all just soooo precious!

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Totally OT- forgive the detour due to my inept computer skills. Speaking of which, if I knew how to link the following site, I would've.

In reading Malkins "NYT Empty Suit" piece, following the question, "When editors know a big series like Class in America is coming how do you make room for it?" and the answer is..."naturally, something like Katrina took us by surprise..." Huh? If I had anyone or anything there that needed my help I could've flown there, rented a truck, moved everything to a safe place and fly back to watch it unfurl on the boob tube, even though I live in Japan! The famous words of Gomer come to mind."Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!" Apparently the "Chocolate City" and the NYT is listening(no pun intended)to a different channel.

A side note (as I recall) there were no Asian casualties. Could it be that they know what hurricane/typhoon means and cleared out? If the water is over your knees and you look down, you'll see a reflection of the reason you are there in your predicament! It aint George or anybody else, nor was it ever there job to...sorry, I digress.

I would've posted on her site, but for whatever reason can't ever get on. Not that you're second choice Rick! You and yours are always number one in my book and I thank you all for being my only window here in Japan for legit news.

Comment Posted By forest hunter On 29.01.2006 @ 18:54


Rick, you nailed it.....again.

In my first three blogs, I stated that I was no Republican. Not due to the lack of similar ideologies nor the fact that I have my own mind, which permits real freedom of choice(s). It has much more to do with the paragraph unwritten between your sixth and following. Step TFU already, those of you with something to offer. You sir, are among'em and I thank you for doing your part faithfully! Clearly, this leaves out ALL the snot nosed, whiney pukes(The swimmer,Horseface,Algore,college undereducated retarded bastages and up until two days ago,Hold the 'kin phone and Halafarickin' looya, SHEETS!,like Michelle said,"even a broken clock can right twice a day") pretending to be intelligent, disguised as humans and going by the moniker of Democrat!) A Chesty Puller quote comes to mind.....if only!

Comment Posted By forest hunter On 28.01.2006 @ 08:14


Rob Ayers, where and how did you read and (mis)quote "To thine own self be true" as coming from the Bible? Clearly you liked his piece as did I and you properly report the quote as coming from Hamlet, as did Rick.

I damn near bent a brain bone re-reading this piece and can agree with nearly every one of your points. Trust, the most misplaced and feared philosophy, in every country and every government based on their factual histories. As naive as it seems, the practice of trusting now a fading art form, is what's more than needed and impossible for most. Fear is not your friend and neither does it serve you in the end.

We have seen too few reasons to put faith in things out of our control, but we as citizens have a profound responsibility to our government and the thousands assigned to the multi-layered tasks of doing their best at providing our mutual safety and peace.

Collateral issues and people wronged has and will continue to be the sand in the jock as we run this race, but the fact that people are involved and the phenomenal size of this ongoing operation is why it's not ever going to be perfect and sacrifices will be made. Having been on the receiving end of my own governments inability to discern the proper course of action on several occasions, dating back (early 70's)to my first year in college, gives me a somewhat unique perspective.

Focus on the big picture and lets "Git er done!" and try to remember that the third rock from the sun is a place shared by all of us.

Comment Posted By forest hunter On 26.01.2006 @ 00:36


Outstanding and as well writen an article as I've read in a long time. My only quibble and it's minor, is that as was described in the piece "recoil at some of Jacks tactics" and something about "handwringing" never crossed my mind even slightly. His tanacity and clarity are perhaps the difference between being described as a thug and what he truly represents. The kind of qualities we would hope for in all of those budding Bauers who are actually assigned the harsh and real responsability of securing not just our nation but those dedicated to freedom and creation of building and bringing the world to a better place.

Those foolish enough to believe that hoping and wishing for peace without a price are part of the reason bad people have been enabled but I digress...

Comment Posted By forest hunter On 15.01.2006 @ 18:12


For the stumbling fools who choose to whine non-stop re:THE ONGOING WAR. It's ongoing, so shut up!

As a marine Viet Nam Era veteran, I can say that I've seen this kind of handiwork before by ignorant and foolish types claiming to have the nations best interests at heart.

If you support US troops and America, as so many born and bred into lip service espouse to, then shut up!! You're not helping Americans, you're aiding and abetting the enemy! I know you don't get it but it's not your fault. You're stupid, so you have an excuse. We don't expect you to get it, due to your condition, shall we say. Let me try to make a point based on my real life circumstance and provide an analogy.

I was working in norhtern Alaska one early spring day. We were taking down the scaffold from beneath a ship loader that we rebuilt. Break up is coming soon and the sea ice is getting thinner. We had been using a snow machine and sled to ferry the scaffold parts to the shoreline all day and at days end I climbed down the fifty plus feet ladder to the ice in order to check my crab pot. Rather than climb back up into the superstructure, I decided to walk across the approximate 200-300' of ice to shore. As I neared the tracks of where the snow machine had been running all day, I could see blue ice in the track. Now unless your a winged creature, this is cause for concern. I kept moving at an oblique angle away from the tracks and simultaneously removed my spud wrench from my side pocket, while looking over my shoulder at my own tracks. Blue as the sky, they were. With wrench in hand, I began to pitch forward and assume a bear crawl position for the remaining 100' or so, in order to distribute my weight on all fours. As I did this, the ice gave way and I invented an Olympic event. The human ice rototiller may not catch on in your neighborhoood for obvious reasons, but I never once that I was destined to be crab food. If I played golf, I wouldn't know how to handicap the weight of several layers of winter gear and water filled boots for this chilling event. I remember looking at the shore line, watching my former friends (note to self-get smarter friends) hopping back and forth with a fifty foot coil of 2" rubber airline, like flies on a gut pile. Even if I was within range, the spring they think they will throw will whip back and smack the throwee and when I get to shore, I'll have to drive him to the main camp for stitches in a month or so when his face thaws out enough to bleed. I'm damn near laughing at the panic and indecisiveness...sure glad they like me!

The main point is this...if I stop to inspect my tracks...if I don't have a spud wrench...if I stop and calculate the 12-16 knot current into which gravity draws me down...if I wait for someone else to bla bla bla...If you choose to second guess and waste time, people and money airing any criticisms good or bad, blue ice has a name and place for you. And on your way to become crab food, reality will have a new meaning for those of you who choose nothing.

We must keep moving or fail! Semper Fi and God Bless you President Bush, good people in every nation and especially all loyal Americans past,present and future.

Comment Posted By forest hunter On 13.11.2005 @ 05:50

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