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Neo said: A train wreck is an accident. The events of 9/11 were deliberate, and Audie: I couldn't agree more. Moral equivalency in this film is that Allah has been translated as "God" in the subtitles and so the slow brain washing of the public begins.

What I've noticed about the reviews of United 93 is the confusion between reviewing a movie and making a statement on the events of 9/11. When I commented on another blog that the thing that made the maddest about the movie was that Allah was translated as God in the subtitles at the bottom of the screen. I was taken to task by another commenter because after thousands of people were killed, my anger was directed at such a petty thing as a dispute about the name of God.

This is what a good propagandist does. The event and the depiction of it are melded in the viewers mind so that the make-believe becomes the reality. Michael Moore and Oliver Stone know this and that's why their worldview is what's real in the minds of many of our fellow Americans.

I think the movie deliberately emphasized the confusion and the chaos of the authorities and painted our military as inept buffoons. There were a couple of snide asides about the president being unavailable and about his being on Air Force One, but nobody knows where he's going, similar remarks about Cheney. I don't know if these are actual quotes, but certainly that's the impression the film makers are striving for. The heroes on the plane were depicted as no less bumbling than the air controllers and military brass.

Since nothing is known about the events on that aircraft except what can be extrapolated from hushed furtive phone calls, why wouldn't the filmmakers choose to make the actions of passengers and crew more pro-active and less tentative? The famous "Let's Roll" was mumbled and hardly a rallying cry.

The fact that Allah is translated as God in is, in my opinion, a deliberate attempt to show that we are all sinners imploring our God to help us in our hour of need. What isn't said is that the atrocity is being carried out at the behest of the terrorists' God who goes by the name of Allah.

My opinion of United 93 is that it is the first of many films which will begin to turn public opinion away from the reality of 9/11 as the beginning of the War on Terror to a belief that in fact there was some justification for the atrocities perpetrated upon us by the God-fearing terrorists who gave up their own lives for glory of Islam.

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I hope everybody will be happy with the results of their pogrom against Miers. This is more than a disaster for the Republican party and conservatives, it's a major setback for world peace.

A destroyed or weakened Bush gives terrorists worldwide hope that a Democrat congress and president is in our immediate future and they'll keep up the killing until they get what they want, an administration that resumes the politics of appeasement and cowering behind the UN.

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