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Well, once again, a great series of thoughtful articles on a new "middle way" for the conservative movement. Though we might disagree on many of the specifics, you pretty consistently point a way forward for your wayward movement and yet, to judge from the foaming mouthed responses here and elsewhere, it'll take years in the wilderness for your partisans to sort themselves out. They truly do seem more inclined to suffer a depression than to even hope for things to work out, let alone contribute to productive compromise.

You said it clearly:

"But if you seek to use conservative principles to govern a hugely diverse nation of 300 million people with clashing interests, differing needs, and even different ideas of what it means to be an American, then there should be a realization among conservatives that there is no “big” government or “small” government at all. Rather, it is using government to address the legitimate needs of the people consistent with the Constitution that matters in the end."

But it appears your compatriots don't perceive such a nation. They seem to see some misty fiction of a country that only exists in their dreams; homogeneous in all ways and adhering to their particular ideas about government. Good luck!

Comment Posted By emgersh On 10.12.2008 @ 12:22


Have to agree with Doug. I too thought the new pres was a Rep. Either that or she beat the former veep/pres in the primary.

Comment Posted By emgersh On 1.12.2008 @ 18:56


Wow, Rick, not like you to blame your party's problems on the opposition. . . at least not completely. Dem distortions responsible for the voters rejecting the GOP culture war platform? I think not. In an election about the economy and other weighty issues, the extreme fringe of the GOP was visible to the public at every turn. From "drill baby drill" to the bizarre call and response of the Palin - and some McCain - campaign rallies, most people on the right, left and center felt they were watching some crazed anger fetishism of an irrational and frightened group they didn't know.

Both sides did their share of demonization, I can't even repeat the slurs that flooded the virus emails and web pages of the blogosphere, but the GOP did a great job of self-destructing.

Comment Posted By emgersh On 20.11.2008 @ 12:16


So much to go into, Rick. I'm only going to address one thing. . . your contention that Obama himself will be tempted to use race to quell criticism of his administration. I think you only need to look at how he ran his campaign and all his statements during that time to know that he will not succumb to such a "temptation." He has studiously avoided dragging race into the campaign even when directly confronted with attempts by others to do exactly that.

Let's all leave the lunatic fringe on both sides of the divide to their ranting and raving and try to move on to a rational discussion about where to go from here.

Comment Posted By emgersh On 17.11.2008 @ 02:34


YOu had me until the "Hitler" thing. And, no, I'm not an imbecile who thinks you are "actually" comparing Obama to Hitler but, considering the number of your ideological compatriots who have done and are doing so, I would think such a mention is beneath you and your stated argument.

I'd suggest you simply drop such mentions unless you do intend to make the comparison. It doesn't help facilitate the "real communication" you say, and I believe you do, seek.

Speaking of that communication, Rick, I think you'd do well to acknowledge the role your compatriots have played in traveling the road that led to our current state of mutually assured destruction. Left wing Bush rejectionism didn't appear from out of the ether without precedent. We had a fair amount of this from the moment of Clinton's election as well. it does no good to deny it. It just makes us doubt the sincerity of your stated goals.

Yes, fight the good fight during the election and never stop fighting for your beliefs. I'd be surprised an disappointed if you or anyone else did anything short of that. But draw a line between that and the wholesale demonization of individuals and groups. Too many can't find that line.

No on who engages passionately in politics is without this sin. If we can all acknowledge as much, we can settle down between electoral cycles and attempt the communication I think we all do desire. Of course, there is an alternative. . . we can simply extend the election cycle indefinitely and forget about governing at all. From most of what I read online it seems that a majority of the blogosphere would prefer that. I sincerely hope that's not the case.

Comment Posted By emgersh On 8.11.2008 @ 12:38


@ Whitehall

"2) the Fairness Doctrine and other efforts to block opposing political speech"

Considering how you're always ranting about the MSM and the dominance of the liberal media, I'd think the fairness doctrine would be in your interest. Wouldn't it force the liberal media to provide equal time to opposing right wing ideas???

Not that the fairness doctrine is coming back. . . especially under the watch of a politician who so successfully maxed out the current system!

Comment Posted By emgersh On 5.11.2008 @ 16:58

Well said, Rick. I just hope enough of your compatriots settle down over the next weeks and months to see the wisdom of your words.

I certainly don't expect the loyal opposition to roll over and play dead. That's in no one's interest. It's when the energy and dynamism of a new administration collide with the well intentioned and reasoned opposition that some of government's best moments occur. Some of the Reagan year back and forth with congress come to mind. The same can be said for some of the best to come out of the Clinton years.

My fervent hope is that the many smart Republicans I know take a moment to think about where we are in this country and revitalize their party with the power of new and renewed ideas for positive change. If they can do that then we will all be better for it. If not, we will all suffer a continuation of the sniping and partisanship of the past 15 years.

If Republicans can't see the role they played in creating this poisoned atmosphere then they will have no chance of coming in from the cold. We all have to honestly reassess how we've interacted.

Fight, yet. Fight hard, yes. Oppose the actions and goals you find abhorrent. Do so in a constructive way by arguing for your principles and offering alternative solutions. Only then will we all profit from the collective intelligence of our citizens, Democrat or Republican.

Comment Posted By emgersh On 5.11.2008 @ 16:51


Thanks again Rick for such a thoughtful post. I can see that you're swinging a bit back and forth here and those emotions are understandable after such a long, hard fought election. I've been on the losing side more often than not. Life goes on.

The changes you write about transcend parties or elections and we all need to deal with them on a daily basis while trying to hold on to the longer view. It's a tough order but there's no alternative.

To Darren I would only say, I understand your aversion to the comparisons to your pioneer ancestors but don't underestimate the challenges facing us all, liberal, conservative and apolitical. You're right, hopefully, we won't have any of the big trials that compare to those of such hardy folk or "the greatest generation" but we are going to be challenged, and fundamentally so, by the many currents swirling about in the world.

As Rick says, this will be true regardless of who wins the election.

Comment Posted By emgersh On 3.11.2008 @ 19:34


"Dennis D Said:
7:26 pm

Sad or Funny?

United Mine Workers Union endorsed Obama claiming he was from a ” Coal State”. I kid you not. Corrupt Unions screw the rank and file again."

So, you are saying these poor schmucks don't know how to vote their own interest? Sounds like a familiar line Rick has lambasted more than once.

Whatever, the article is a distortion of Obama's comments and I wager Rick knows that better than anyone. He's too bright not to know that.

As others have pointed out, he's talking about how a cap and trade program would make the establishment of NEW DIRTY OLD FASHIONED COAL PLANTS would be prohibitively expensive under such a system. Oddly, McCain is currently running ads using Obama's praise of the McCain Lieberman bill proposing cap and trade. Where are you guys trying to go with this??? ;-)

Comment Posted By emgersh On 3.11.2008 @ 12:08

"But at least the Euro-twits pushing Global Warming won’t be mad at us anymore."

Sooo, global warming is a Euro-conspiracy?

Sooo it might be a good idea to read what I've written about global warming before making an ass of yourself.

No conspiracy - unless you include anti-science liberals who want to cut off scientific debate that thousands of scientists want to engage in.


Comment Posted By emgersh On 2.11.2008 @ 13:48


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