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"The correct question is not “should we have the right to free health care?” – it is “should we have the right to demand that others pay for our health care?” - Jason S

BINGO! Thank you Jason!

Succinctly put, It would almost fit on a bumper sticker.

Comment Posted By elfman On 23.11.2008 @ 09:58

So the premise of this article is really that national healthcare won't "kill" Conservatism because it will at least stay as viable as Marxism. If this article wasn't so informative, I'd be mad as hell that it took until almost the last sentence to discover that.

This is the first I've read of Rick Moran. He seems to be brilliant guy, excellent writing and research, but likes to hear himself talk too much. His frequent and sometimes lengthily departures aren't as entertaining as he thinks they are. He needs and editor.

This is a blog, not a newspaper. Yes, my ramblings are often too long and not very well organized - probably why after 4 years I have yet to crack an average of 3000 daily readers. But frankly, my blog is much more for me than for you - it helps flesh out my thinking and allows me to examine the pros and cons of an issue.

And sorry, but I was not saying conservatism will stay at least as viable as Marxism. You missed the point that National Health insurance won't kill conservatism because there will be conservative alternatives - free market or mixed proposals - that the voter might consider once it becomes clear what a mess Obamacare will make of the health care system. If the goal is to provide health insurance and a minimal level of care for all - and I think that is where the voting public is right now - the goal of conservatives should be to seek solutions based on conservative principles and not nannystatism.

This is what I mean by bringing the conservative governing ideal into the 21st century; not abandoning our principles but becoming relevant to the voters by offering a clear choice between what the liberals are going to do for the next 4 years and what a government based on conservative principles can accomplish.


Comment Posted By elfman On 23.11.2008 @ 09:52



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