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It really isn't the lobbyists that one should blame, it's the size of the federal gov't. When the gov't has so much money to hand out, people will do their best to retake as much of what was lost as possible. With the federal gov't ready to hand out eighteen trillion dollars in the next four years (four budgets of over three trillion plus the stimulus,plus TARP1-20, plus the FED injections, plus mortgage financing) anyone who is anyone will be up on capital hill to get their share because there won't be enough money in the private sector to fund Nancy Peelousy's plastic surgeon.

Comment Posted By eaglewingz08 On 20.02.2009 @ 15:11


I believe the reason for these customary expenditures being put in the porkulus, is because, besides military budgets, the Democrap congress has not passed any regular spending authorization bills in the past two years. I believe most of the spending has been done through continuing resolutions/authorizations. Dems, don't set the bar high, cause that would negatively affect their self esteem, and that wouldn't be fair.

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So Biden turns out to be right about Obama when he told the questioner at the red rope that Obama was against clean coal except for use in plants in China NOT the USA. The media had the tape of Obama in January 2008 but chose not to contrast Obama's words in January 2008 (that's not the Obama that the media once knew) with Biden's not a month ago. Further this issue is critical to the coal states, all swing states this year, yet the media hid from them a critical and crucial issue and Obama's position on their future employment, lives and prosperity in order to get a Socialist elected.
I don't blame Bush for what appears to be democrat gains (although I doubt Obama will win the White House this year), as children are programmed on so many levels that dems are better on the economy and care for the ordinary worker, that this is the default position most people even many republicans hold. It's a constant battle to rid oneself of this brainwashing but it is achievable with effort.

This may be the last gasp for the Dinosaur media, if we can prevent Obama from being elected now, in four years there won't be enough liberal media around to cause this horror and hopefully ACORN will have been run out of business by McCain's Justice Department under Rudy Giuliani.

Comment Posted By eaglewingz08 On 2.11.2008 @ 12:29


Obama wasn't a young politician when he espoused these ideas in 2001, he was forty years old. I guess there was good reason that Abby Hoffman and the hippies and yippies said don't trust anyone over 30! Obama was 47 years old when he repeated his socialist credo, SPREAD THE WEALTH to Joe the Plumber. He knows it might well be political suicide to tell the US voters what he truly feels and believes, but its in the video for all to hear.
I truly hope McCain understands the devil he is dealing with and that Obama must be defeated at all costs. Obama plus a democrat Congress will be an evil that may never be undone in our lifetime or our children's lifetimes.

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I can't believe that when the Democratic Socialists of America and ACORN's front group the NEW PARTY lists Obama as a member, Rick can say with a straight face Obama isn't a socialist. Is this just, Obama today isn't a socialist, though he was a Socialist in the past?
Perform a thought experiment. Assume the John Birch Society listed and endorsed Sen. McCain as a member a mere ten years ago and with their votes won high office? Would you say that McCain was never a Bircher? That he has a clean political bill of health? Would the Obama campaign give McCain such a clean bill of health? Would the mainstream media? We are looking for a single standard that would apply to both candidates if they engaged in similar conduct. Rick is being too hypertechnical, even Clintonian in explicating what 'is' is.
When Obama says to a major ACORN conference in December 2007, that they would have major influence on his policies, that these people in ACORN and their affiliates would be part of Obama's, God Forbid, transition team, and that their socialist policies included in legislation enacted in first 100 days. If it quacks like a duck it must be, to everyone, but Rick Moran, a duck.

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Name one pro American close mentor of Obama's during the time period 1985-2001. You can't, Obama can't. All his primary associations through most of his adulthood are radical left wing anti american whom he did not disown until forced to do so in the Presidential election. Although Obama is not building bombs in his basement, he did express the view that he was sympathetic to the ways and means of violent Black Panthers, and thought that if it were possible that they would be successful through violent acts he would favor it. It was only because in Obama's judgment, the violence would not be successful, that he did not support it. Obama sought the same radical ends but through different means, i.e. through funding reeducation political indoctrination camps through the $150 Million paid out by the C.A.C. founded by William Ayers and run by Obama. Those funds didn't go to fund science and math and concrete achievements, but to oppression studies, etc. run by communists, maoists, marxists and socialists. You tell me what an Obamanation administratin would do with the Billions of Dollars in Education Department funding? Why would Ayers trust someone he supposedly only met a brief time earlier, Obama, with $150 Million dollars, an inexperienced lawyer, over the possibility of having University Presidents with solid backgrounds running it? Maybe because Ayers saw Obama's worldview as more aligned with his. Thus, the issue is what did both Obama and Ayers see in each other's minds and outlooks that they threw their lot in with each other? That is the truly frightening thought.
Moreover, their relationship may go back even further than Obama has admitted. Ayers was at Columbia when Obama went there (what his grades were at Columbia we don't know because Obama won't release them), and lived blocks away from Obama. How did Obama get into Sidley Austin? Seems that Ayers father is a macha there, and unrepentent terrorist Bernadine Dohrn also had influence in the firm. Then Obama was operating an 'educational reform' group under the auspices of Ayers' 'educational reform' groups in Chicago in the mid to late 1980s. It is inconceivable that Obama and Ayers did not meet during that time. The links are not those of ships passing in the night, (or the false McCain Singlaub relationship that DKos is trying to manufacture-like it tried to falsely manufacture an analogous relationship between McCain and Hagee to mirror the Obama Wright malignant relationship) but comrades in arms.

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For the libs who claim we provoked Russia to invade Ukraine because they are an ally, and thus it was justified. Where were they when the Sandinistas openly allied with Russia, and thus offended the USA with such alliance? Or where were they when the Russians allied with Cuba and sought to influence against the interests of the USA? And now, would they be in favor of our invading Venezuela because its dictator allies with the Russians against USA's interests? To even ask these questions rhetorically against leftards is to answer them. Russia can do no wrong to these leftidiots, whereas the USA can do no right.

Comment Posted By eaglewingz08 On 18.08.2008 @ 13:21



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