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I am an engineer in London. I have an M Sc in data communications plus a clutch of Cisco and Microsoft qualifications, years of experience. I can design, install and run complex computer networks including VoIP, a totally clean record and excellent references. I don't seek to bring any dependents. I am widely read and travelled - including most classic American literature. I have followed US politics with interest for many years.

But I have nil chance of getting a green card to work in the US. Legal immigration or even guest-working for a few years is being crowded out by illegal immigration.

If the US continues to take in millions of unskilled and often illiterate people, many of them hostile to American values and laws, it will be creating its own downfall. Giving a de facto amnesty to 12/15 millions now will simply be inviting another 20/30/40 million to enter illegally and wait for the next amnesty.

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