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Cute. How about some Reagan-era nostalgia for the WingNuts?
1. Eat your veggies (ketchup packet,please)
2. Drug abuse solved - Just Say No!
3. The Posse Comititus Rides Again
4. Nuke Russia beginning in . . .(what a jokester)
5. How 'bout another helping of Voodoo Economics?
6. AIDS is just a Fag Disease - Ignore it
7. Presidential Astrologers
8. Arms for Hostages (might work in Iraq)
9. Evangelical Christan Influence - Jimmy Swaggart, anyone?
10.Michael Jackson mania, its a Thriller! (what would you do for a Klondike bar, little boy?)

Comment Posted By docG On 15.07.2005 @ 12:00


“Nearly 4 years after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese still occupy much of Asia and are killing our soldiers on Okinawa with impunity.”

Pearl Harbor attack - December 7, 1941

Japan accepts unconditional surrender - August 14, 1945

I calculate the duration to be 3 years, 8 months, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. With the time comparison, are you suggesting that the terrorists are nearing complete, unconditional surrender? Perhaps the attack in London is a part of their "final throes"?

Comment Posted By docG On 7.07.2005 @ 15:06


A couple of anecdotes cannot communicate much about the entire Canadian health care system. I wouldn't believe that a couple of anecdotes about prompt and effective medical care in Canada, which are surely available, would prove the system works and neither would you. How about looking up some facts? What is the average length of wait, and the maximum and minimum length of wait for routine care and for emergency care? What is the documented level of consumer satisfaction with the system? How does the overall system effectiveness compare with other developed nations?

You also do not comment on how the U.S. rations health care. I suspect that our massive numbers of uninsured, huge deductibles, ever increasing consumer health insurance costs, refusal to cover those with preexisting conditions and fewer and fewer companies participating in health insurance coverage for employees or lowering their levels of contribution are also forms of rationing that do not lead to positive outcomes for tens of millions of Americans.

Perhaps Canada's model would not work for America. Our for profit system of health care is providing marvelous specialty care for some, but continually less and less overall care for fewer and fewer people. These trajectories cannot continue indefinitely without intersecting at a point of system collapse. If universal health care coverage is not the solution, what is?

Comment Posted By docG On 20.06.2005 @ 13:55



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