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Oh yeah, this is not about euthaniasia. Please take some time and actually look up that word in a dictionary. Perhaps then you will understand why it is not apt.

Comment Posted By doc nos On 21.03.2005 @ 01:06

"fallacious and ignorant comments"

Well you know how to step right on up, don't you.

Let's examine some of your post for some fallacies. We don't have to look far.

Comparing TS to an animal: Well, I wouldn't do that. She is a person, or do you disagree? She is a person with no brain equipment that permits a subjective sense of self. Therefore, she cannot suffer.

You don't like this fact. It's not in your interest to examine it. By not doing so you are being disingenuous. That's OK. The internet is good for nothing if not sophistry.

Your entire "Spoon fed" thing: OK idiot. look up types of fallacies. Have you come across slippery slope yet? No? Keep looking.

Comment Posted By doc nos On 21.03.2005 @ 01:05

Another disgusting post from the right wing.

Don't worry about those inconvient facts, one of which is that TS has no content to her consciousness, therefore has no capacity for suffering.

But, as you have already discovered, she has the capacity for something more useful - being a political tool to advance your religious agenda. Good for you for figuring this out. But may God have mercy on your soul for acting it out.

Comment Posted By doc nos On 20.03.2005 @ 18:36



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