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Should we expect anything different from Reuters' Adnan Riefenstahl?

Adnan Hajj has created a unique gallery of Hezbollah-approvedâ„¢ images that make Beirut look like Dresden. But Hajj never seems to catch a glimpse of those pesky rocket-launchers operating in civilian areas.

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Excerpt from my review of the book Flyboys, the true story of the nine airmen shot down over Chichi Jima:

...The religious zeal with which Japanese soldiers were inculcated with the "no surrender" philosophy resulted in a brutish and barbaric form of war: "At Kwajalein, the Japanse garrison lost 4,938, with only 79 taken prisoner, a fatality rate of 98.4 percent."

The result was a perceived need on the part of American military planners to devastate the Japanese homeland, knowing that surrender was untenable. To put this in perspective, D-Day required 175,000 invading troops. 7,000,000 American troops were in the Pacific by 1945 preparing for Operation Olympic, the first phase of the invasion.

A War Department report concluded that, "defeating Japan would cost [them] five to ten million deaths and the United States between 1.7 and 4 million casualties, including 400,000 to 600,000 fatalities." Postwar analysis of Japanese homeland defenses indicate that Allied planners actually underestimated these casualty rates. Put in these terms, the fire-bombings and atomic attacks seem almost humane in that the corrupt Japanse military government was forced to succumb before millions of more lives were snuffed out.

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Trackback didn't seem to take, so here's a manual one. Great find on the J-Post observation.

For viewers here in the States, it would be helpful if media outlets could at least close-caption their Hezbollah propaganda clips as such. And if he were around today, I'm pretty sure Eason Jordan would approve.

I call CBS, CNN & Reuters the Axis of Equivalence.

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Matt@22 - all you need do is take a look at the hardware that Cisco is pitching the carriers to see that the threat is real and ominous. That hardware appears suited to impede, filter, monitor, and other interfere with unapproved traffic.

What the telcos and cable companies have spent tens of millions of dollars on (the best Congress money can buy?) is to change from the current state of FCC-enforced neutrality to no neutrality.

This will result in three tiers of service:

1) Those content-providers (say, Google) who won't pay extra tarriffs running super-slow or, perhaps, altogether blocked
2) Content-providers (say, Yahoo) who decide to pay the packet-protection money who run with some quality-of-service guaranteed
3) Applications created by the carriers ("AT&T's SuperSearch!") to compete with money-making applications that they feel they can cherry-pick.

I'd rather trust the inventors of the Internet (no, not Al Gore: Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf) on this one: and they are dead-set against the carriers' odious plans. Or would you rather trust the telco lobbyists?

Go to Save The Internet now. And help... before it's too late.

Comment Posted By directorblue On 30.04.2006 @ 14:56

Dave@19, your missive is fabulously incorrect. The high-speed second-generation net backbone called Internet2 delivers multiple HDTV-quality streams and other live teleconferencing feeds to individual workstations perfectly. Guess how many tiers of service it has? Hint: it's less than two.

Comment Posted By directorblue On 29.04.2006 @ 09:35

This is a real threat and it is dead serious.

Click my sig for a detailed (but non-technical) description of the hardware the telcos want to install... how Internet2 demonstrates their so-called reasons for tiering the Internet are unnecessary... what the inventors of the Internet have to say about the carriers' brain-damaged plans... and what the ramifications are for US national security and technological leadership.

As some of you may know, I am anything but a shill for moonbat interests. Neither are the Gun Owners of America (GOA) - and they're getting the word out about this threat as well.

Get involved and get your a** over to SaveTheInternet now!

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