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Thank you T.L.
Little Shop of Horrors, that's the one.


Are you the T.L. of the #4 post? "literary license, taken to further the action"......? Good post.
Logan, I agree with l and 2, but 3 - Oeduoys Rex!
Can you say, "Martha, what are you doing, put down that gun, the world will judge you harshly for I have been CALLED to save this country" Somewhere Aron will not be far behind!

Comment Posted By diamond On 25.04.2006 @ 22:00

what's this man-bag thingie?
Can't stand Kim but I now have to put her a rung ahead of needlenose. Kim dispatched the enemy with gun, within arms reach, could see the whites of his eyes! Took Balls !
Now poor little Audrey (with I could say it as in "FEED ME") What's the name of that movie? anyone - anyone
as I was saying, Audrey couldn't dispatch the reason for her fathers death!! What's wrong with that woman. Pull the damn trigger, fool!

Comment Posted By diamond On 25.04.2006 @ 18:22


After hearing Kerry, again, again, and again, Bufoon comes to mind. Will no one rid us of this miserable, self-loving, asshole?

Think I saw this, or something like this, in a movie!

Comment Posted By diamond On 24.04.2006 @ 17:02


Went to Flopping Aces and read all the info there. This is much nastier and wider a threat then just some asshole of a women experiencing pms! This is beyond the pale. Will the press see the harm they have done by joining with criminal elements in our government? Will there be a re-thinking now that some have been exposed? Or are we goin' to see RATS scampering for cover.

There it is again, #13 aka nikko Seditious traitors!

WestVirgina senator p.o.s., hope you are next!

Comment Posted By diamond On 21.04.2006 @ 22:03

Sisterhood, haven't heard that before but I can see it. Just what we needed, the faminization of the CIA. Can you imagine a woman president with this pettiness behavior leading our country. I know there are a few that could have sense about them, but damn few of them and Hildabeast doesn't comes to mind, infact after a few months of her as president, I think that I would feel sorry for her sorry husband!
#3 Steven: He must be off pondering his navel lint by now. Somehow we left him speechless, does that mean that he is unable to type on a keyboard without moving his lips!

Comment Posted By diamond On 21.04.2006 @ 20:57

Heard this evening that the squeaker is a woman, wouldn 't you know it, the weaker sex. Puts women back a few years.
Anyway why are we in Iraq? WMD or whatever. Remember the run up to the Afg. war, the press kept telling us that the Russians couldn't do it. the Brits failed also. The winters not to mention the summers. Mountains are too high, our equipment won't work. not to mention the military's lungs, so I won't mention them lungs! You know all the mess the press predicted, they were rubbing their hands and teeheeing how the Bush adm. would get it's ass handed to them. How well did that work out?
Again, anyway there is something to say regarding the mountains, winters and summers so President Bush moved the war to Iraq, pretty flat land so breathing wouldn't be a problem. Bush knew our men in the military would handle the winters and summers. So in a way he invited all to come to this level waring fields to join us in a war. Better there then here or New York. How's it working out you ask, the story is on going, some good some bad, damn, it's a war! Are we up to it, damn straight we are. UNLESS the chicken shits here at home, DemoCRAPS, abetted by the seditious traitors (see #13 aka nikko) stop us. Will we be stopped, let us be damned if we do!

Comment Posted By diamond On 21.04.2006 @ 18:46


Great post, Rick. You seem to bring out the dumb-bells. At another post a few days earlier I asked a question and #13 aka nikko came up with an answer:

seditious traitors

This just about covers the folks that want to
"get over it for now" What fools and how sad that this country is infested with them.

Comment Posted By diamond On 21.04.2006 @ 16:34


#13, until something better comes along, I'ed go with your pick, "seditious tratiors" I like it.

Comment Posted By diamond On 20.04.2006 @ 20:17

To purposely post Michelle's info so to put her and family in danger is not a suprise! Some of today's college children are first class assholes with the same for their parents and profs. Eventually some will come around to sanity others will run for office in the demoCrap party. Yep, they will find a home there.
The very idea that they didn't know what they were doing goes to show what fools they are. Some how the students blocking and spitting and pushing and threatening recuriters on campus show that they have no respect for anyone that doesn't believe as they do. How childlish. I think it is getting harder and harder to call them "liberal" they have strayed too far from the word.
They need another "handle" and I know asshole won't work. Let's put our heads together and come up with a party "tag" that best describes them and quit calling them liberal. These fools give a bad name to the word!
Progressive is alrady taken, doesn't reflect this group. Will entertain suggestions - anyone?

Comment Posted By diamond On 20.04.2006 @ 14:33


After all these years of throwing out charges regarding all things Bush, now with SEVEN, or my God, SEVEN generals harping that "they didn't listen to ME = ME = ME" Yes I did mean to use =, they now feel that they have their moment. Bernstein feels that he can pull off the story of the new century in helping to impeach Bush as he had a hand in trying to impeach Nixon.

All this time liberal A**holes were paving the way for charges that they want to impeach for.

Dan, I Rather not hear, thought that he was going to be the new and improved Woodward&Bernstein to bring down the prez. He failed. Sen.RockbutFAILED wrote to his party that they can "only pull the trigger once" he missed. Now being investigated for his admission that he traveled to distant lands to warn them that Bush is going to war. Ole Walter thought that he could get back in the fray by announcing that we can't win this war. Worked once, didn't work this time. Where'd he go? Hey Walter, oh SAGE of broadcasting news, you miserable old fart!

So now it begins, with Bernstein pronouncements, carefully packaging it for us, why how can it not work! He is that Great Put'ter together of all CLUES, did all but said "Trust Me". Do you know how to say trust me in hebrew? This should be fun to watch. They calculated the time to get the ball rolling, no October Suprise these folks. No way, we know what we are doing, Bush will go down in five months. Then we will be swept up by the masses, demanding that we demoCRAPS must make things right the world.

Settle in with sodas and popcorn if this goes anywhere but I don't believe that it will. Surely the dems recognize that if this is a tit-for-tat they will take a beating at the polls for their childlish behavior. AND talk about us NOT going to vote in '06, damn I'll go to vote and vote as often as I can. Is this the way to spell backfire - "demos lose again!"

Comment Posted By diamond On 19.04.2006 @ 09:52

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