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Maybe the landing on the expressway was a "tip of the hat" to our president IKE who charged all highways in America to have so much of the road in a straight line so as to help out planes in distress. IKE was responsible for our inter-states. Actually it has worked well for years, especially in the small RV industry. Just thought I would add this info on planes landing on roads.

Comment Posted By diamond On 10.05.2006 @ 09:35

Poor Kimmy, she can't put two thoughts together so if she is swept up off the streets she will think that she is being auditioned for American Idol!
Jack, maybe less then vigorous (spellcheck,humm?) in his fatherely response to this threat, can't blame him. Unfortunaly Jack knows his duties and never fails to address it, she may be the death of him. Think about it.
"A new can of worms"

Comment Posted By diamond On 9.05.2006 @ 16:38

Yeah, I know family and all but Jack does not let his family impair him when duty calls! ggggggggeeeeeezzzzzzzzsssssssssss and now my Chloe and laptop doesn't work and it's all your fault!
Maybe Chloe has done all work necessary on tape and CTU Team is setting up an informer that they feel is there (after all they always have a rat inside)
Audrey is still not out of the woods yet, she could of been turned by Henderson, in her grief in losing Jack last season she turns to a traitor. Audrey finds in the after action of last season she has a NEED FOR SPEED and the humdrum daily bordem was -1- "sapping the life out of her." Also she was apparentely not working for ole daddy with all the glitz. Plus working for daddy cost you plenty in the pretty dress department, not to mention matching purse and shoes, sometimes gloves and hat. The very idea of going back to the cocktail circut grated on her nerves so she chose to work at CTU (one comfortable outfit required)
Grated on her nerves, now there is a group of words that brings Audrey to mind!
-1- too late, she showed up last season already SAPPED!

Is it posssible to allow a Spell Check at this site? It would inhanse ur vocabeularry...........really
and yes, I am still whinning regarding my Chloe predick

Comment Posted By diamond On 9.05.2006 @ 10:02

Just for once I would like to view the show as it should be seen, everyone SITTING down at their monitors. Does anyone but 24 people stand up at their computors? I can't ever just pass by and think I'll click on email and take a look, NNOOOO, my little arrow darts all over the place so I bend down lower to steady it and finally am able to point and click! These super clickers do it all in a days work, 24, hell I would need 48 to just read Drudge!

Comment Posted By diamond On 9.05.2006 @ 09:20


leucanthemum: Separated at birth, naugh. Before the day is out I expect Chloe to Bitch Slap that over-estrogened wimpy wrist fool. Now when he does get the slapping, look for him to jack up one hip, with his hand on it and roll his eyes!

Wouldn't it be funny if he is the one to come to the rescue? Just in cse, I want to be the first to semi-perdict it.

Comment Posted By diamond On 3.05.2006 @ 21:49

I fear that First Lady Martha Logan is in grave danger. Prez Logan will have to stop her and not by shipping Martha off to a "resthome" he dare not take the chance that someone would believe her rantings! SillyFace in specs. will convience Logan that Martha is a threat to their shared goals. Probably throw in that Logan would go down in history as a Seditious Traitorous Bastard.
Now if Martha could meet with an accident this would serve to not only protect them from her talking but would have the country coming to his side as the breaved husband.
Apparently it was too well known that Martha and Aaron were getting close or why ship him off. I hope that he gets back here to protect Martha from Logan.
Spec-face will not allow all these loose ends and he holds the cards and can crush Logan whenever. Logan will have no choice but to try to eliminate the little woman. Aaron will be there to stop him?
Of course Jack can fly the plane, but can he land it?
Chloe is great as always but have you noticed that she is able to break laws, skirt rules, kill someone, zap the hell out of a helpless drunk and never have regrets? You got to have regrets. Wouldn't be suprised if she folds herself up, inserts self into lap top and lies in wait for the next season! But being fearful that her lap top wouldn't be returned to CTU she will have to insert self thru phone lines, bypassing all governors only she knows where placed. Once at homebase Chloe lies in wait until Jack rehydrates her systems. How will he unknowingly do that? By saying "where's Chloe, I need her.

Comment Posted By diamond On 3.05.2006 @ 15:11

Mpro: Thank you for my first chuckle of the morning!
I was watching that seen and wondering if Jack would finally be taken down by the brave, let's roll, crowd. Should of known better, international flight, no way was that goin' to happen.

Comment Posted By diamond On 2.05.2006 @ 10:33


Would love to go for the rest of my life never hearing, "speaks truth to power" What a whimpy adage.
ooooo how brave of him to speak truth to power!
What I noticed in the audienace was they were cringing with some forced laughter at how horrible Colberts routine was. It reminded me of Imus without the Flop Sweat!
Is it possible that un-funny Colbert was so pissed for being up-staged by President Bush and his side-kick that Colbert unleased all his pent up venom? Just a thought.
Earlier on c-span they re-aired President Bush's first speech at correspondent dinner in which his opening line was how happy he was to be there with all those MAJOR LEAGUERS! I missed that the first time around.
I find it real funny that both Colbert and Jon Stewart of Comedy Central were miserable failures.

Comment Posted By diamond On 1.05.2006 @ 09:15


When is it too soon to honor our "first heroes" of September 11, 2001? Maybe that is the unspoken gripe from "seditious traitors" who don't wish to have heroes to speak of or remind us that not all of us step up to doing our duty when events call.
Our next heroes were our First Responders to the scenes. Is it too soon to honor them also?
How about our military? Ok, they say I've gone too far now, why the very idea of honoring our military will lead to all sorts of trouble i.e. flag waving, hand over heart things. So they wish to nip the honoring of things in the bud. Screw'em, let's sing loud and clear!

Comment Posted By diamond On 29.04.2006 @ 10:22


Somehwnere along the line I started to realize that things are going wrong and have come to be reconciled to it. Maybe it started with Myers nomination, I don't know, but the beginning of separation had started. In a way, when you think it thru, if we lose house and senate, prez will pay the price EVERY DAY. This might be fun to watch. I know this must sound terrible but look at it this way, next time a conservative comes forward and we get him elected he will realize that yes we will walk away and not help elect in the off year or his re-election.
I still foolishly hold out hope that there is a WHY to prez actions, I do believe he is a passive-aggressive kind of guy and he likes setting one up to then take'em down. Likes to give'em all the rope they need to hang themselves. Is that what's he doing? Time will tell but frankly I have been somewhat beatin' down and tire of it.
Will he clean out the cia and state dept. or fbi? He still has a job to do. Again, time will tell.

Comment Posted By diamond On 26.04.2006 @ 21:25

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