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Anyone who has taken the time to read or listen to the Pope speak knows that he has one of the greatest minds in the world today. Thee Pope said things that no political leader could or will...he is not the type to "throw down the guantlet" but he typically gets to the bedrock problem facing us, and EXPECTS us to step up, use our intellects and really deal with he did in the Regensburg speech. You all should read some of his writings..not filtered throught the MSM, but his actual writings and speeches. To do so you actually have to go to Vatican or Catholic websites. While you're there, take a look at the "crusades" through the eyes of the people who were there during the 1,500 some years the Muslims were engaged in their effort to take over Europe. You may not like what you read...but it is more accurate than the BBC/A&E special or K. Hughes' work.

Also, the Pope is not God...and only in very specific situations acts "in persona Christi." Do not confuse "infallibity" with "impeccability."
The pope is a human being, albeit an incredibly well-educated intelligent one, he goes to confession, and makes mistakes...but the Regensburg speech was not one of them.

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