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She's as much your spokesman as you seem to think Michael Moore speaks for the left. Which is to say, not at all. But, then again, those of us who are center and left didn't start this fingerpointing and utter tomfoolery that is dividing the nation. Those with an agenda and an axe to grind on the right began this war. Now that your generalisimma is blowing up in your faces, you're backing away with all the haste of vampires running from the sunrise. She's YOUR creation, so learn to deal with her. The rest of us have had to swat her off like a shitfly for years. Time for the right wing to take its whiny two-year-old with the stinky diapers someplace private and clean her up so the rest of us adults can live our lives in peace.

Do you wonder why those of us who you have excoriated as being un-American because we DARED to disagree about the war, because we recognized the utter ridiculousness of certain right-wing positions (on such things that are NO business of government or religions as marriage, child-raising, and medical decisions, and so many others) are now chortling with glee as Ms Cunning Stunt's fervid and noxious spew is now backsplashing on you?

Shouldn't be a mystery. Whenever you moralize, bloviate, and support such a boorish person, and use her to point your fingers at everybody who doesn't live their lives the way you think we ought to, you point three fingers back at yourselves. And she's just the middle finger of your overweening hatred of free, patriotic Americans who are supposed to be enjoying a free society, despite your side's best efforts to enslave us all in thrall to some sort of feverish, ugly vision of America that never was.

Our country is bigger than you righties and your ugly spoor, thankfully. It's about time to move back to the center of things and ENJOY building our country back into a great one. But first we have to remove the rightwing defilers of freedom and decency. Starting with Ms Cunning Stunts, and moving on down the line of Republican purveyors of greed and corruption.

Of course I expect to be censored here. That's what you righties do when you don't like something you hear from the reality-based community. It's okay though... that's your right to dig your head into the sand. Just remember what you leave sticking out when you do that...

Comment Posted By dejah On 7.06.2006 @ 15:18



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