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So you believe FDR's policies worked? Wow. When has spending ever gotten anyone out of debt? When? Cite an example.

It has never worked for me. In college I spent more than I had and ended up with a 3k credit card bill and the interest rate was 24%. When I got a job, I drove a 10 year old car that I had to put oil in every 2000 miles. But instead of a car payment, I paid that "loan" off. A hefty price in interest. I have not used my discover card since 1991. It only reminds me that nothing is worth going into debt for.
The President and and anyone who believes spending more works miracles is kidding themselves.

Comment Posted By defendUSA On 19.04.2009 @ 16:31

Sorry Michael,
I just don't buy into that. Even if I made 360k/year, I would never buy 450 dollar slacks. I don't like that people go without,either. But I absolutely disagree with redistribution of wealth to foot somebody else's bills. It enables a mindset and a standard I won't be a party to. The producers then become responsible for those who choose not to be productive. In the old days, people saved money to have babies or buy cars and houses. Why should it be any different now? Poor people in the US have much more than those in other countries considered poor. It is not my job to insure that they get up to snuff with me.

I give money to favored charities and do the Angel Christmas tree stuff. And let me tell you how angry it makes me to see a request for a DS, wii or cell phone for a kid. If the true priority is making sure your children have their basic needs met, you should be teaching them what is important. Game systems are not as important as food. And how do they afford the extra game or cost of a cell phone. That is just ludicrous.
I am now unemployed and I do not expect you to hand out your hard-earned money so I can continue my current lifestyle. That is just not realistic. Unemployment checks are meant to help, but in no way do they make ends meet. So, now what? Sit back and say "woe is me?" -Michael will give me money to live on or do I work my ass off to find a way to make it work?
The sad thing is, I have paid my mortgage on time and all my other bills. Yet, I get no relief like those who WERE irresponsible. I just incur more taxes so someone making 60k can live in a 450k house.
I am sick to death of the claims that everyone should be equal. We are not. We have equal opportunity. We do not have equal smarts. And because of that, we do not all have equal earning power. Why the hell should I be punished because I am smarter and can earn more? I should never have to apologize for that, and nor should I be made to feel responsible for someone else's lot. You live within your means and should have everything you need. You won't always have everything you WANT. Key difference. Why do liberals insist that it must be equal? It will never be and as long as we perpetuate those willing to accept hand-outs instead of responsibility, mindset will never change.

Comment Posted By defendUSA On 19.04.2009 @ 16:22

You made fun of this two months ago, so what do you really think, now?

you are falling into the trap that Obama is going to save you with his tax "cuts". Where exactly is the money going to come form to support all the pork that was in the stimulus? Higher taxes. What happens to that family of four when the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire and they end up with any where from a 20-50% increase in their tax bills depending on the income level?

The top 5% pay 70% of taxes. Does that compute at all? That means that some people who do not pay taxes are getting my money BECAUSE I pay taxes!!!It is essentially a welfare check at my expense.
The $13.00 we 95% got in Obama's first 50 days doesn't mean squat. Try reading about what real tax cuts to the marginal rates might do stimulate the economy. Try understanding that spending the wealth before it is created does nothing but grow the government and does nothing for us as a Country.

Comment Posted By defendUSA On 18.04.2009 @ 11:53


Complacent, snarky, elitist people really tend to piss me off. I was at the Daley Center in Chicago yesterday. Mock it all you want, dear sir.
You're just another idiot who would sooner let others do the work and keep up the fight. Stay where you are, we don't need you to stand for what we believe in. These protests are not about politics, but about principles, in case you missed that.
Your politics is your religion, and it stands to reason that those who are not in complete agreement with you end up under the bus. Let me know how that's working for you in two years when Uncle will have his hand in your pocket and you finally realize that it's not fair.
I can't wait for the next tea party...I get to stand up for my principles while idiots like you continue to fall.

Comment Posted By defendUSA On 28.02.2009 @ 08:40



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