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BTW MJ stated he never invited kids into his bedroom and it was not just boys. They always followed him and begged to sleep in his bedroom. Should he have said no? yes. but was he a pedo? I would most likely say no, but I was not there and so only him and his 'victims' know the truth. And why would I ever collect money if my child was molested? That is like blood money right there? How can I spend it happily?

Comment Posted By ddf On 8.07.2009 @ 02:10

Stick to Elvis who is a confirmed pedo, having the guts to even live with his victim from the age of 14. Jackson was never convicted and no one can prove it. He was the greatest entertainer to ever live whether you accept it or not, we all don't have to agree with it. It is simply a fact.

Comment Posted By ddf On 8.07.2009 @ 02:06



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