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Yes, simply produce the good Captain and allow him to be questioned in the same manner as the representatives of the Iraq Government and US military are every day. What's not to understand about that?

Comment Posted By daver On 30.11.2006 @ 21:02


The definition of the term "Win-win": When your political opponents are going to drive their party bus across oncoming traffic into the left ditch, and the only question is whether it is full or half-full.

Comment Posted By daver On 8.08.2006 @ 18:53


"The only thing that the NYTimes outing revealed was that GWB was using a publicly known technique in an illegal manner."

You (or I) are in no position to make a judgement about how valuable the NSA wiretapping information was to AQ - we have no official standing in this matter, and opinions of those who break security about its consequences are no more relevant than the opinion of a bank robber on whether the bank can cover the losses.

The point about AQ being a non-professional adversary could be just as well argue that they would be less careful, and in addition, that exposure of the danger of being overheard made in the western media could have a far wider and more compelling impact than any manual.

As to the "lockstep" nature of Conservatism, my personal experience is that my relatively Liberal attitudes on social issues are much more tolerated by Conservatives than my relatively Conservative attitudes on National Security are tolerated by Liberals. Can you seriously compare the tenor of the major blogs of the Left and Right, and not conclude that there is much more diversity (not to mention respect for it) on the Right side. People who say that abject deference to Bush is required are misinformed - I would not be here were it so.

Comment Posted By daver On 13.02.2006 @ 18:34



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