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Back when I worked for 20/20, I met with Av Westin, the father of the current nepotistic nerd-in-charge. Like all nerds, the Westins are socialists who hate individual excellence since the family possesses none of it themselves. Ditto for the other networks, all holding tanks for third-rate "journalists" with little or no clue as to how a business works.

Sadly, I doubt John Stoessel will be in the Blue Room. Probably Diane Sawyer, who worked in the Nixon WH before she defected and other refugees from excellence who infest the ABC newsroom will be on hand as a cheering section.

Wanna bet BHO will stop by to give an "exclusive" interview to Gibson and the other Nibelungs slaving after a Statist regime in the MSM?

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 16.06.2009 @ 12:23


Let's see. Isn't this administration now on the fourth person to fill the number two spot in Treasury? I wonder if and how ANYONE will take the job if Geithner continues to sweat blood and mess up the way he seems to be doing.

Who would want to be his backstop?

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 19.03.2009 @ 12:26


Watchers of Weasels has rightly commended this piece which so completely spanks the silly self-referential libtard left. Wesley Clark was a ticket puncher---John McCain was the ranking officer among men in difficult circumstances who opted for four-plus years in captivity instead of an early release propaganda stunt.

Can anyone honestly imagine an armchair admiral-type like Clark doing the same? Or any Dem now in the party leadership demonstrating making such a heroic act of self-denial? Unless I'm mistaken, they don't make Johnny-Mack bravehearts any more, at least in the high-and-mighty cloakrooms of the political elites in DC.

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 5.07.2008 @ 09:41


I keep holding out hope that most white males and white females will vote for McCain for the reason that Obama has revealed that on one level or another, he can diss them. Plus the "Bradley Effect."

However, Michelle Obama's ridiculous assertions on 60 Minutes in early '07 about "blacks get shot going to the gas station, blacks get shot because they're black" in response to a question about the RFK possibility. And after dead silence about something on national TV by Omarosa-lite, HRC gets hammered for days in an offhand reference in an SD TV interview seen by hundreds of people.

NO QUARTER claims there are tapes in the TUCC archives of Michelle making a fool of herself.

And no one is investigating whether Michelle interned at Sidley Austin under Bernardine Dohrn's supervision---as did Obama himself might have done a year later.

What the hell is wrong with the Chicagoland press? Bill Kass says there are heaps of things on Obama that are simply not being conveyed to the MSM at large.

I knew Bill Daley right after he left the Clinton WH---I was NAFTA coordinator for Amoco & we had set up a huge CSIS symposium with Richardson & Bradley presiding. NAFTA was dead in the water & this helped kick-start stalled engines. Bill Daley actually was negative in our meeting, much as Hillary said she was. Another weird Daley-machine secret.

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 30.05.2008 @ 03:20


Obama simply makes things up almost as though he wants to please whomever is in the audience. If he's in front of libtards in SF, he talks about "bitter...clinging." If he's in front of lefty foreign policy institutes like the ones feeding the Dems their pablum, he spouts one-world nostrums and "why can't we all get along?" mantras.

I'm afraid this impressionable young man should spend a few more years growing up and learning that the world has a few countries like Syria [where Pelosi plucked the hem of Stick-Insect Assad's robe=a wannabe terrorist & a doobee one in Lebanon], Iran, N. Korea, The Socialist Party of the Union of Burma now selling the UN & US aid on the black market, Cuba, and a few other failed-states like the one his father defected from [though Kenya is hanging on by a thread.]

Dennis Kucinich can say this stuff---from his alien advisors' mouth to his ear, but Obambi has to remember that there is a forest fire out there smoldering---metaphor alert!!

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 15.05.2008 @ 17:30


I have a Druze cousin who got a scholarship to Northwestern, these people are very smart, and I lived in Suz al-Gharb, just down the escarpment road from Aley, while I studied Arabic at FSI in the American Embassy back in the day. Suq al Gharb is a Greek Melkite village & my landlord was an Assyrian Christian who had an AK-47 for when the Muslims came. I heard he moved to Chicago when the fighting started in '75. Ralph Nader's family hailed from near Suq Al-Gharb, as he was famous way back then. [BTW, Rick, the Chouf is SOUTHeast of Beirut, near Deir al-Qamar where Walid Jumblatt still lives, and Aley is directly west on the road to Damascus, but the gist of your piece is great.]

All this is to say that Michael Young is brilliant, but only hints at the truth that Nasrullah's Hizbollah is a cancer in the Lebanese political system, a cancer that didn't exist when I was there & the Sunni PLO dominated the Shia south. Sadly, the resident Shi'ites suffer from the external Iranian financed and Syrian manipulated terrorist organization that must be stopped at all costs or eventually the game is up for the US & Israel to do anything else except hunker down & toss missiles back at the Iranian proxies. While Hamas is on the left flank.

I wish Bush would be more straightforward with our Arab allies on Lebanon, as the Saudis and Gulfies are 100% behind any strong action we might take there.

I'd like to see McCain stand up for Siniora's government in a public declaration on behalf of democracy, to smoke out Obama into making another silly compromising statement.

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 16.05.2008 @ 04:34


Yeah, it's stupid, just as stupid as calling someone an "average white person." There are still a few Mark Foleys in the Republican House, but at least the Rep Party doesn't put forward a candidate who complains about "bitter" small-town folks who "cling to" guns & religion & are angry about illegal aliens taking a lot of jobs their kids might want.

Your average Democrat liberal is someone who looks down on "the idiocy of rural life." He's someone who sits quietly while his pastor spews hatred of America over two decades and asks Iowa farmers about growing arugula. I guess Marxists are okay to Chicagoland urbanites, but using a local colloquialism is streng verboten. What isn't racist about ignoring "average white person?"

Now THAT'S stupid!

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 15.04.2008 @ 00:18


I just plugged into Jim's Marblehead Regiment and I think I have a blog. We Florida Folk get a lot of geezer transference & I hope to get my tiny platoon to get on & fill the red truck!

Just In: McCain has just surpassed Huckabee in the latest Rasmussen & I'm afraid the thundering herd will recall John's 2000 fiasco and call for sweet revenge, drowning out Fred's authentic conservatism.

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 10.01.2008 @ 15:19


The Wall Street Journal has an interesting opinion piece on how insanely complex the Democratic caucus rules are and if you link to my site, there are additional comments made by Democratic politicians about how much latitude for chicanery is inserted into the caucus rules.

John Edwards surged in ‘04 as did Kerry and Edwards could pull off a squeaker as the rural precincts are over-represented in the caucus rules and JE has been LIVING in Iowa for most of the last two years.

The DRM poll might be off-base if it discounts the ginormous investments that Edwards & Clinton Inc have made compared to Obama’s merely populist activities. This may also be the reason that Romney pulls off a final victory, although the Republicans’ rules are only a simple anonymous ballot procedure rather than the multi-step Dem process open to manipulation at each step.

Finally, if the weather is amenable, Obama might win. If it is stormy or hyper-frigid, then the well-organized Clinton & Edwards limo-busing activities kick in, especially in the frozen countryside.

Remember the Dems over-represent rural farm & county seat voters & Edwards has been to each Iowa county TWICE in the last two years.

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 1.01.2008 @ 08:17


Rick, I made this comment on Redstate & hope you don't mind if I copy it here:

"Fred Thompson does not cater to hyperventilating hysterics or single-issue panaceas. Fred peddles no anodyne quack medicines nor apodictic class-warfare rhetoric. The very fact that the man has risen from a small-town upbringing and has retained a broad-gauge view of how society works and the importance of traditional values impresses me.

What impresses me even more is how Fred does NOT kow-tow to silly newsies and pundits like Roger Simon. He is a man of integrity. He appears to be a man who will do what he says he'll do. He wants to enforce laws even when a significant number of people believe the laws are unfair or should be modified [illegal immigration---build the fence, dammit!]

But what impresses me the most is that he's not consumed by Potomac fever, not driven by overwhelming ambition, not determined to "rescue" the country from evil-doers of one stripe or another.

Fred is comfortable in his own skin, as the French say, and he drives hyperactive meddlesome busybody MSM types to new heights of nuttiness by disdaining the process of getting nominated---a process which has driven a class-warfare type like John Edwards to virtually LIVE in Iowa over the last two years, when he wasn't picking up "consulting fees" from offshore sub-prime mortgage hedge funds!---a process which obviously needs reform of one kind or another.

I'm born & bred a Midwesterner & have lived in MI, WI, MN, IL, and Missouri episodically for almost three decades. I find it refreshing that a very sane & relatively sober jurisdiction like Iowa has a prominent place in the nomination process for both parties. Ditto NH, with its rock-ribbed Yankee backwoods common sense mixed with chattering-class urban professionals. Even SC, with a strong accent on traditional values & a good mix of urban & rural, piedmont & tidewater, black & white---the Palmetto State fits into a manageable extension of the first two states, so that anyone pulling off the hat trick of taking all three demonstrates a real political attractiveness that might work nationwide.

But to follow these three states with a Super Tuesday for what may be all the marbles doesn't seem sensible---even for political junkies. The front-end lopsidedness of the newest version of primary madness might end up deciding the candidate for one or both parties TEN MONTHS before the election---leading to incessant and what will seem like interminable campaigning for both parties.

I happen to like a horse race as well as anyone---but this newest version of primary retail-politicking suddenly jump-shifting to a Super Tuesday might eliminate sincere thoughtful candidates and give the overall advantage to energizer bunnies with nutjob attitudes and single-issue agendas.

I'd like to see a final two of Fred Thompson and Barack Obama---both seem less driven by power-mad constituencies of hysterics and are not prisoners of the press/electronic lords of Mordor.

Sadly, Gresham's Law may be driving out the best candidates---leaving the field to chronic campaigners who simply love the adulation of the masses filling the cavities of their own personal emptiness.

Comment Posted By daveinboca On 30.12.2007 @ 10:11

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