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"if anyone can show me where the law of unintended consequences didn’t emerge - and rather quickly - following their enactment, I would be most appreciative."

The Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit?

Comment Posted By Davebo On 10.09.2009 @ 13:27


If you're going to list the issues that made him drop the GOP you have got to include the single biggest one.

The joke that was the GOP's reaction to Terry Schiavo.

I believe that would fall under "excessive ideology" - as would most other specific beefs he's got with the base, don't you think?


Comment Posted By Davebo On 8.09.2009 @ 11:44


The President gave a broad and passionate speech on the power of volunteers to transform lives and tackle deep-rooted social problems. Recalling the heroism of the first responders and the outpouring of compassion Americans displayed after the terror attacks, the President urged American to rekindle that spirit of neighbor helping neighbor that was so strong after 9/11.
“Volunteerism is strong in the country. But the truth of the matter is, the farther we’ve gotten away from 9/11, that memory has begun to fade,” the President said. “And my call to people is, there’s always a need. You should be volunteering not because of 9/11, but you should be volunteering because our country needs you on a regular basis. And so today I call upon our fellow citizens to devote 4,000 hours over your lifetime in service to your country. You’ll become a better person for it, and our society will be more healthy as a result of it.”

George W. Bush

Freaking Hilarious Rick! Keep it up and one day we'll start calling you Sarah.

Comment Posted By Davebo On 26.08.2009 @ 15:06


You want to drastically reduce the size of the federal government?

Eliminate Medicare. It's Medicare that is making reform unavoidable. It's costs are spiraling out of control and something has to be done or it will bankrupt this country within 20 years.

So either figure out a way to make it more affordable, or eliminate it.

I guarantee you if the GOP makes a proposal to eliminate it a lot of the shouters will hail it, and in say 30 years the GOP might be able to win back 1 or 2 of the House seats it will have lost due to the proposal.

Good luck with that.


Comment Posted By Davebo On 23.08.2009 @ 22:46

It's funny, I voted for Reagan in 1980 as my first presidential vote.

And when in 1984 I spent 121 days straight at sea on the America off the coast of Iran I didn't complain. I did volunteer after all.

Upon finding out we were negotiating to sell them weapons at the time I must admit I was a bit perturbed.

Comment Posted By Davebo On 23.08.2009 @ 18:54

Majority and Plurality aren't the same thing Rick.

The percentage of Americans perceiving that the behaviors are abuses ranges from 41% for making angry attacks against a healthcare bill to 59% for shouting down supporters when they speak in favor of a healthcare bill.

There's certainly a lot of that going on.

47% believe booing members of congress is an abuse of democracy which to me goes a bit beyond approve or disaprove.

A whopping 59% believe that shouting down reform supporters is, again, an abuse of democracy.

No word on the view of folks screaming NAZI!

Comment Posted By Davebo On 23.08.2009 @ 17:45

"The poll shows a 34-21 plurality supporting the protestors."

Which question exactly are you referring to Rick?

Comment Posted By Davebo On 23.08.2009 @ 16:59

"Polls also show that a majority of Americans support the protestors"

I'd love to read these polls.

The poll shows a 34-21 plurality supporting the protestors.

Couldn't find t but there's a Pew survey showing 51% support the protestors.


Comment Posted By Davebo On 23.08.2009 @ 15:39


Which state holds it's primaries first again?

Hell if we could rid ourselves of the ethanol subsidies it would be a great start but don't count on it?

And by the way, what does New Hampshire get out of it?

Comment Posted By Davebo On 8.07.2009 @ 22:06


Great comment Levi. Proven so by Rick's silence.

I can't believe he didn't make the correlation earlier.

1. What comment are you talking about?

2. The idea that I hang on what you turdblossoms idiotically scratch onto this site is ludicrous. I have better things to do - like clean the litterbox - than respond to every dolt whose illogic and stupidity is pasted in the comments section. You and Levi are just not worth the time that I've already wasted.


Comment Posted By Davebo On 18.06.2009 @ 07:33

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