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"Another decision made rather cavalierly was the rescinding of the “Mexico City Policy” which prevents groups receiving federal funds from promoting or performing abortions overseas."

As was demonstrated by the use of this policy to withhold funds from United Nations Population Fund, in actuality the policy was used to penalize an organization which was falsely accused of being complicit in Chinese abortion policy, even when there was absolutely no evidence of such activity. And of course the insistence by some that "contraception is the equivalent of abortion" means that funds also could be withheld from organizations which prescribe hormonal pregnancy prevention in the form of birth control pills taken monthly or in the form of Plan B (thereby increasing unwanted pregnancies and the abortions consequent from them). This policy was rescinded under Clinton with no leap in abortion rates so why would doing the exact same thing be cavalier now?

Comment Posted By crowepps On 29.01.2009 @ 22:57


Really enjoyed this column and the comments above. At this point, the Democrats/liberals seem to me to be listening to what people are concerned about and then nipping around to the head of the mob to 'lead'.

The Republicans/conservatives, on the other hand, plan to have their "major players" meet in Virginia next week to "chart the next course for their movement" from the top down.

The reason the liberal netroots are surging is because those bloggers have a perhaps illusory belief that their opinions are important to and can persuade/guide their party, while the conservative netroots are stagnant because they have to wait for the word on what the "major players" want them to say. It's certainly been demonstrated that those not in step are likely to be savaged.

I honestly don't know how to solve that dilemna, since the "major players" do not seem to have any interest in what their party members actually find important but instead seem to regard them those who should do as they're told. Blogging takes up a great deal of time and energy, to invest that out of personal passion and enjoyment is one thing; when the role is restricted solely to mouthpiece or cheerleader the time and energy may seem better spent elsewhere.

Comment Posted By crowepps On 30.10.2008 @ 22:24



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