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Rightwing thought is intellectual cancer.

Comment Posted By comsympinko On 2.10.2006 @ 01:14

Now we're deleting posts. When you're afraid to continue, you lose.

I've had more entertaining conversations with a bar of soap. Besides, you are off topic and getting personal. Two very good reasons to not only delete your posts but ban your ass.

Comment Posted By comsympinko On 1.10.2006 @ 17:57

But in not lying, you certainly managed to obscure the truth--a man charged with the online protection of children was using the internet in a highly questionable manner so solicit a sexual response from a minor.

I'm sorry to hear you're still in diapers. I'm a doctor, I could give you a name...

Comment Posted By comsympinko On 1.10.2006 @ 17:27

Wow, amazing counterargument. Emails, IM's, what's the difference? The man was clearly doing something he knew was inapropriate. When your argument comes down to semantics, you lose.

No. You accused me of being a liar because you were to dense to understand that I was dismissing the emails not the IM's - a big difference in the context of the story, nitwit.

And the day I lose to a brainless twit like you is the day I'm no longer able to change my own diaper as I've sunk too far into senility.

Comment Posted By comsympinko On 1.10.2006 @ 17:14

Also, your casual dismission of the content of these e-mails as innocent is really just flat out lying. Unless you consider the following an innocent inquiry as to a young man's health and well-being:

(The "emails" everyone except you and the densest of the lefties are talking about inquire as to the young man's well being following Katirina and asks for a picture.

What you are quoting are from IM's - Instant Messages - and have nothing whatsoever to do with what I and the 99% of people with more intelligence than a cofee table are talking about. There are two separate incidents; one known to the House leadership involving a former page and 3 emails sent by Foley; and another track involving dozens of dirty IM's that no one else knew about until they magically appeared courtesy of a left wing group associated with the Wilson-Plame lawsuit. Your reading comprehension being that of the aforementioned coffee table, you are forgiven for calling me a liar although you appear not to have been dusted in quite a while)

um so a big buldge
gram the one eyed snake
get a ruler and measure it for me
thats a great size
cool hope se (the young man's mother) didnt see any thing

I don't ever remember asking anyone I know to grab their penis and measure it for me while casually asking how it's going. Maybe that's customary where you come from, but seems sexually charged and far from innocent to me.

Comment Posted By comsympinko On 1.10.2006 @ 16:28

Wow. There's so much idiocy on both sides of this, it's diffcult to know where to begin. There is an allegation of a crime by a high-ranking government official. That's all there is. Let's save the Get Out Of Jail Free card and the gallows until there's proof of innocence or guilt. If these allegations turn out to be true, and there was a crime and subsequent coverup, punishment must be severe. And we all know what happens to pederasts in prison...

Comment Posted By comsympinko On 1.10.2006 @ 16:13



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