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Obviously the Israelis will be painted in the bleakest picture possible, because if a AP reporter ( who has the "obligation") embedded with Hamas were to give a report negative to the real terrorist then said reporter would suddenly find himself kidnapped and torture then his body would be delivered to HQ in a baggy. Does anyone remember Bernard Shaw in Baghdad in the 1st Gulf war... total Hussein tool just to get air time.

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So does anyone actually care that Obama is just a Clinton tool? What happened to CHANGE or HOPE for CHANGE? COME ON !!! Panetta is there because Bill Clinton is holding all the access to foreign money the Dims are in love with. Panetta has never even served in a foreign policy or intelligence position. His main focus of work has been the National Budget. Per wikipedia Panetta has long been an advocate for the health of the world's oceans....When the heck has a spy from the "World's Oceans" been caught trying to steal nuclear secrets or blow up Americans. Are you guys so clueless that you have done none of your own research on this guy? Penetta is good at cover ups. He was one the main characters in the Bill Clinton Impeachment. The real question here isn't whether this is a good choice by Obama, but what exactly is going on that 80% of the Obama staff is from the Clinton Admin?
Don't hold out for CHANGE it's been taken off the shelf due to factory recall.

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I'm a new reader and a current member of the vast right wing conspiracy. I have to say I'm going to be a regular reader here. Now on with the show... Israel can take care of it's self and they did the same thing there doing to Southern Lebanon about two years ago. They were condemned by the UN that time also. What can yo expect from an organization that included leaders of terrorist nations as annual guest speakers. Our future President will just be keeping his mouth shut for the next four years.

He doesn't like to make public statements and has already laid down the law to the press when he threw 2 outlets of his campaign bus for writing negative articles about him.

I think the sooner conservative just accept the fact that the left is only concerned about 1 thing , and that thing is power, we will start wining elections again. Issues do not matter to them. They could care less about the poor, the needy or the afflicted. They care about votes and Campaign donations.

Bill Clinton turned his back on Israel in the'90s when he got cozy with former PLO leader Yasser "I need a shave" Arafat. The think Terrorist leaders are great people too, because they are concerned about one thing POWER. FOR EXAMPLE: look at a physically abused woman, people always say why won't she leave, why does the husband beat her, it's about power. The woman won't leave because of the physical power the abuser has over her. In the case of terrorism Israel gave the Palestinians what they said they wanted "LAND" the Gaza strip their own little country. However they don't know how to run a country all they know how to do is to terrorize what they need out of the world. The leaders of Hamas and the PLO grew up learning this. So every time they don't get their way it's back to violence. Wa Wa Wa anyone sticking up for these International Wifer Beaters need counciling.

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