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Appreciate your thoughts, Rick. It seemed to me that inherent in the Liberal Oasis analysis was the assumption that Hizbollah was armed largely as a consequence of Israeli violence- ignoring the reality that Hiz is armed as a function of its own ideology and power, irrespective of Israel's action.

Comment Posted By ckreiz On 24.11.2006 @ 10:24

Rick, I've been surfing lib sites to see if there's any discussion re: Lebanon. Very little, as one might expect. However, I did read Liberal Oasis, who unsurprisingly blames BushCo for Lebanon's ailments. LO references US failure in the Rome Conference, and argues:

"The Israeli occupation of Shebaa Farms has been used by Hezbollah as a pretext for continued "resistance.
If Siniora could resolve the dispute, and deliver a tangible success for his country, his coalition government would be strengthened and Hezbollah would lose justification for remaining armed."

I know precious little about Shebaa Farms and its relevance, if any, to the current crisis in Lebanon. Could you enlighten us?

Comment Posted By ckreiz On 24.11.2006 @ 06:33



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