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Thank you for providing an alternative to the pejorative "unpatriotic". I believe you have correctly identified a misnomer that has plagued the debate over the GWOT; whether or not one is unpatriotic if opposed to the government's actions. "Disloyal" certainly seems much more appropriate, while allowing the "dissidents" to lay claim to being patriots, which they seem to be bound and determined to do.

Comment Posted By Chris On 27.09.2005 @ 09:30


This will be the biggest story of the summer. Members of the 9/11 Commission will go to prison for this, no question.

Incoming! Blogswarm!

Comment Posted By chris On 11.08.2005 @ 22:51


By the way, my cousin has Tourette's Syndrome. She manifests it in a continuous series of snorts, grunts and whistles. She has been put on Haldol to control it. Needless to say, she uses as little medication as possible. This can be very unsettling upon meeting her.

She is a Montessori teacher, minoring in three subjects at a small college in Virginia. She wants to begin teaching drama in a Montessori setting. Her dream is to introduce children to drama as a way of connecting with each other, and with society as a whole. She wants to contribute to society by strengthening it at a local level, by building up it's newest members.

Up yours, Bill.

Comment Posted By Chris On 12.08.2005 @ 22:03

It's fascinating to watch the responses as someone's favorite ox gets gored. We've heard from Jeff Harrell, who really, really doesn't like drug use, or apparently users. We've heard from Bill who thinks Jeff is unstable. We've heard from various other personalities involved in drug use in various ways, some directly, some indirectly. Even those involved directly in drug use seem to be content to downplay potential hazards in favor of a more laissez-faire policy.

I am one of the 5 percent who recover for more than two years. I have abstained from drug (and alcohol) use for almost 19 years now. Abstention has become a habit; I no longer really crave mind-altering substances, or only rarely, usually under duress. I relapsed once, for about a week, a few months after I completed treatment (30-day inhouse). I do not believe that I have another recovery in me, so a second relapse is simply out of the question.

I started using marijuana, now reliably known to be a gateway drug, just as critics have been contending for years. It certainly was for me. The perceived need to alter reality is the real problem of drug use. Once you get a taste of mind-altering substances and like the effects, it is natural and almost inevitable to begin trying different ones.

I progressed from pot to hash to uppers to psychedelics to coke. I finally bottomed out on coke, just about the time that crack was coming into widespread use in suburban areas. Fortunately I went into treatment after only two marathon crack sessions.

I went into treatment to avoid losing my wife and my son. I stayed in treatment for myself, because you can't do it for anybody else but yourself. We were told that out of a group of twenty, two people would stay clean for one year. I am one of those people. I do not know who the other one was.

The point of this lengthy introduction is to agree with Rick. We have enough legal substances that cause harm. These substances have been with us for centuries. The decisions to allow them into society openly have already been made. What we must ask ourselves is this: What benefit will mankind obtain from expanding this pantheon? What costs will be incurred for the perceived benefit?

I already know what the price is for a little recreation. Approximately two percent of the population are latent addicts, just waiting to get into the vicious circle of using. That's 5.6 million people in this country. Who wants to give them carte blanche to begin to destroy themselves and their families, friends and loved ones? Do we really want to encourage that many people to engage in behavior that can be so detrimental to them? Do we?

Comment Posted By Chris On 12.08.2005 @ 21:51

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