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So what if he sounds like a kook to you! Aren't you lefties all kooks? Beck tackles problems that you MSMs do not touch because you are out of touch with reality. You live in your own bubbled world that you make up yourselves. Libs are intolerant, hyprocritical and think they are above everyone else. Leave Beck alone! His arguments and analysis all make sense! Better to be aware of "what might have been" than be caught with "ohh..shuks....obama is our messiah, he is great. I never thought he would do that." Sorry its too late, the once great US of A is destroyed and relegated to third world status. So what are you libs gonna do? huh?

Comment Posted By Carly On 8.04.2009 @ 13:37


I usually agree with you, but on this I think you are wrong. Ditching Miers puts the focus back on things that are important. If there's a lesson to be learned from the Miers fiasco, it's that Bush needs to be a better communicator--in all areas. Daniel Henninger in todays WSJ makes this point very eloquently. Bush's focus--and ours--needs to be on the war against Islamism, and on getting the job done in Iraq. Bush needs to make that mission clear--clearer--every single day. The last thing he needs to be doing is defending a "stealth" nomination of a woman who was not certifiably qualified for the high court.

Comment Posted By carly On 28.10.2005 @ 13:50



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