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Conservatives are well aware that the most insidious of all terrorists are the ones cunningly disguised as children. The wise cons who post here know that the best pre-emptive warfare involves attacks on terrorists before they actually grow up and become terrorists.

If only lefties could understand that claiming you do not target children while regularly obliterating buildings containing children does not make you a liar per se. You are only guilty of being a bad shot.

Comment Posted By buma On 2.08.2006 @ 09:30

I'm content for Israel to win this war against Hizbullah one apartment building fulla kids at a time. Sooner or later it's mission accomplished, right? After all, Israel has a right to protect itself from the most insidious terrorists of all -- the ones who disguise themselves as children. Little bastids!

Comment Posted By buma On 31.07.2006 @ 21:54



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