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Obama may be be intelligent (I have my doubts), but he obviously lacks common sense. I'll take a president with an average IQ but lots of common sense over one with a mensa IQ and no common sense any day.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 11.03.2009 @ 15:17


Ditto about term limits. That would be real change we could believe in. It's time for a march on Washington.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 19.02.2009 @ 16:43


He also lied about there being no pork in the bill. Outside of AP, how much air time do you think that lie will get?

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 10.02.2009 @ 13:03


I have heard for the last several months that the democratic base is much more fired up than the republican base which pundits believe will result in a win for Obama and democrat congressmen/women.

Tactics like this is exactly the kind of thing that will fire up the republican base to get out and vote come election day.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 28.08.2008 @ 15:32


"Starting" to creep you out? I was creeped out months ago. Clearly, all the fawning, fainting and adoration has gone to his head.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 21.06.2008 @ 14:45


Whenever I hear Obama on the radio or TV I have to turn it off. His delivery/cadence when he speaks reminds me too much of a televangelist. They're nothing but a bunch of phonies and so is he. And I just can't see him standing up to the likes of Ahmadinejad. He's a big weenie. Hillary Clinton has bigger ones than he does.

As to the Obama's Reverand Wright fiasco, it was only FOX News that gave it the right kind of coverage. The liberal media did everything in their power to spin, spin, spin for Obama. Since Obama's their man, I believe they would have utterly destroyed Hillary over a relationship like that.

It's amazing really. My mother, a diehard democrat, was head over heals for Obama, until the media threw Hillary under the bus. Now she absolutely despises him, thanks to the media. I wonder how many other democrats they turned off that way.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 18.05.2008 @ 18:44


I really do believe that a substantial portion of the Republican base does not pay attention to the issues very closely. It's not that they're idiots. It's more that they only hang around the edges. I see this day after day after day when I speak to people who I know are Republicans. It always surprises me how many of them know so little about how liberal John McCain really is. Most Republicans I know couldn't tell you who were the champions in the Senate standing up against the amnesty forces. They don't know who Jim DeMint is or Jeff Sessions. They've heard of McCain-Feingold, but they're not sure what the problem is with it. The Gang of 14, didn't that have something to do with judges?

Most people aren't immersed in politics like you are, Rick.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 4.02.2008 @ 18:57


"Why were conservatives not in a tizzy about W as he doubled the size of the Dept. of Education? Why is McCain to blame for the ‘amnesty’ bill but not Bush? Why does McCain get no credit for being a deficit/spending hawk while Bush gets no blame for being one of the biggest spenders in history?"

zwhite, you obviously don't read Michelle Malkin very often if you think she doesn't blame Bush for the amnesty bill and being one of the biggest spenders in history. I had to laugh when I read that. Where have you been? Go back into Malkin's archives and tell us again that she hasn't gone after Bush on those issues. Do you read Rick Moran ever (besides this post)??? I mean he has lambasted Bush over his spending, and so has every other true conservative blogger I know. Have you read the conversative bloggers who claim that Bush isn't a true conservative because of his spending and his stance on immigration? How about the ones who are disgusted by his compassionate conservative rhetoric which were nothing but code words for big government? I mean, come on!

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 31.01.2008 @ 09:36

John McCain is a mean, spiteful, angry little man. Although, accusations of Mitt Romney being a flip-flopper are true, John McCain is out and out liar. Either that or he is just too senile to remember from one day to the next what his past statements on different issues have been. Last night during the debate, he sounded like John Edwards with his class warfare rhetoric. RINO's like McCain have realized that they can score big points with voters by demonizing big business. Generations of ever increasing government intervention in our lives and bigger and bigger government control of the free market has spawned more and more people willing to vote for politicians who promise Big Daddy will stick it to the rich to make sure they get the benefits they are entitled to. What was it that Ben Franklin said about when citizens realize they can vote themselves entitlements that that spells the end of the republic, or something like that. At least Romney realizes the danger of demonizing businesses to the economy and the free market. It's no wonder John McCain and Huckabee despise Romney so much, being the liberals that they are. I am not a huge fan of Mitt Romney, but there's definitely one thing that he's got that John McCain doesn't, and that's class.

So, despite the venom I have for John McCain, I will vote for him if I have to in November. The one and only reason is for the sake of our military. The idea of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama being CIC of the United States military is just nauseating. The 2 of them have pandered to and courted their loony Code Pinko fringe. And to anyone who's been paying attention to the out and out hatred that that fringe group and others like it have for our military and the United Stated in general, they know exactly what I am talking about.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 31.01.2008 @ 09:24


Since Fred Thompson did not pull out a win in South Carolina, I will be pulling for Romney and after that Guiliani. Maybe I am just naive, but I refuse to believe that Republicans would give the nomination to McCain. It would be like having 2 Democrats in the general election running against each other.

Comment Posted By BubbaJ On 20.01.2008 @ 11:17

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