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As for Vietnam, the question I have is when did we lose it? As I remember my history South Vietnam did not actually fall to the commies until after the Democrat controlled congress witheld US funding to the South Vietnam government. Until that time South Vietnam had a chance of surviving, but we'll never really know thanks to the democrats who wouldn't even give them a chance to go it on their own with a little financial support from the US.

After watching how the dems have treated Bush, I've become convinced that they abandoned South Vietnam not because they thought it was futile, but because they wanted to see the treaties negotiated by the Nixon administration fail. If South Vietnam had survived as an independent country Nixon would have gotten credit for that and they wanted the humiliation of Nixon to be complete. For the Democrats defeating Nixon was more important than the lives of millions of South Vietnamese and thousands of US service men and women, just as defeating Bush is now more important than the millions of lives in the middle east that could be placed under the boot of Bin Laden's islamic fascism if we lose in Iraq.

I have my problems with the Republicans, but the history of the Dems since 1968 leaves me with no choice but to work and hope for their utter defeat. Let the Libertarian party take their place and I would be happy to actually have a choice of who to vote for as opposed of who to vote against.

Now if you want to talk about a war that was F'd up, lets talk about WW2, the very war that made SNAFU a household word. Lets, talk about the total screw ups of Huertgoen forest or the battle of Aachen. How about the supply corp taking up residence in Paris, and how many of those guys left the service as wealthy men? And if we could talk to my dear departed uncle we could talk about his opinion of what he went through on Iwo Jima. Maybe we should have pulled out of that one, too.

all IMHO of course, obviously others will disagree, but I still love you anyways. ;)

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