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It is ashame, but again we are left to hold our nose and vote.

My conservative brothers and sisters wanted someone who could speak well, someone who didn't wear Gucci shoes, didn't campaign in a golf cart, someone who got in the race earlier, someone, someone, someone, someone.

Isn't it strange that early on we had a strong conservative someone in the race that in the end would most likely have brought all of the conservative factions together in a race against the Democratic nominee. We spent the year complaining of how bad each of our candidates are or listened to or read the media's account of how bad each one was.

For whatever the reason many conservatives failed to get behind Fred Thompson but instead peeled away to the other candidates or just sat back and watched, probably hoping Romney would end up the nominee of the party.

It is obvious now, today that a good majority of my Conservative brothers and sisters are hoping for a Romney victory. I suspect they are same ones who were probably bashing Fred Thompson or who instead may have just been siting back awaiting a Romney victory.

Where were our Conservative leaders. Where were their praises of the best Conservative Candidate. Where were their endorsements when it mattered and most of all where was their financial support.

It appears now our someone will be John McCain but I highly suspect my Conservative bothers and sisters are looking for a different someone.

Maybe Romney still can pull it off. He remains the only candidate with almost unlimited financial resources available to spend at a time when so many so-called Conservatives are in high gear trying to derail McCain on his way the nomination.

Wouldn't it be a coincidence though if the nominee of our party ends up being John McCain a candidate who so many conservatives riled against, but a candidate who does speak well, doesn't wear Gucci shoes (to my knowledge),didn't campaign in a golf cart and one who got in the race early.

Unknowingly, John McCain would be, I think the candidate many of my fellow conservatives were looking for.....the candidate with the real Fire In His Belly.

Comment Posted By borderbum On 31.01.2008 @ 13:58


I agree, Fred will not accept a VP offer.

I would love to see though how he would do beyond Iowa and NH in the real world of voters.

Comment Posted By borderbum On 3.01.2008 @ 10:12


Boy what a wonderful Christmas Present Rick.

On behalf of all the rest of us non-blogging FredHeads Thank-you.

I'm sure we all will do our part as well.

Comment Posted By borderbum On 25.12.2007 @ 20:53


So Sorry Rick,

It is amazing how attached we become to our animal friends. I think the older we get the more difficult it is to see them pass away or to have to put them down.
I've wept for several dogs and cats myself.

The memories of them live on though.

I know it will be a little less Merry around your home this Christmas season so I'll just say Best Wishes to you all.

Comment Posted By borderbum On 24.12.2007 @ 13:34


A very nice article Rick.

You have expressed the feelings of many of us Fred Thompson supporters. Fred Thompson is the best man for the job. He has the best ideas and explains them in his honest way.

He isn't a showman. I guess really, he leaves that for the movies. He is though a Consistent

He certainly does have a rough road to travel, not only in Iowa but with hope through Carolina and beyond. Your endorsement as well as those from other bloggers is encouraging not only because for many of us it reinforces our long held personal opinion about Fred Thompson but because you like many bloggers have a knack for explaining your reasons much better than us who post our smart comments to your articles.

And another point. Your article inspired me to donate a few more dollars into the Fred Thompson campaign. Hopefully it will inspire many others to do the same.

Comment Posted By borderbum On 20.12.2007 @ 15:44


Rick, you sure nailed Huckabee. He is probably the best one up there telling the people what they want to hear. His "Jesus brother to the Devil" remark has a few folks re-thinking their candidate.

Regarding inspiration, I am not inspired with any of the current candidates. Many of us found that to be a special characteristic in candidates such as Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and if your old enough to remember or have listened to his speeches, Roosevelt. I think God makes such inspiring candidates available to us at a time of His choosing.

Fred Thompson was encouraged to run for the presidency by thousands of individuals, I among them. Believe me, as a Senator he really didn't inspire me nor did the few movies I saw in which he acted. I did watch a few of my wife's Law and Order shows and even in those shows I wouldn't call him inspiring. So I often wonder what motivated the thousands of individuals to encourage Fred to run for the presidency.

What Ronald Reagan said came from his heart. What Fred Thompson says comes from his heart. That is why I and I believe the many thousands encouraged Fred Thompson to run for the presidency.

Many folks seem to be locking on to a candidate who is the best snake oil salesman or maybe the best looking or most religious or the candidate who they believe will best beat the Democratic candidate or whatever regardless of the candidate's consistent conservative values. That could result in more "compassionate conservatism".

I think Iowan's will be voting their choice primarily on religious issues (Huckabee/Romney). New Hampshire folks will probably vote for the East Coast candidates(Romney/Guliani).

Most of the folks in country are'nt yet involved in this primary stuff and by the time they are, the early primary election states will probably have had limited the candidate field substantially.

I have this feeling in my gut that Romney has the personal blessing of the Bush family and possibly many in the Republican Hierarchy and that Romney will go on to be the next compassionate conservative nominee of the Republican Party.

In the meantime I and many of those other thousands will continue to support the man, who speaks from his heart, the one consistent conservative we feel is best for our country.

Comment Posted By borderbum On 13.12.2007 @ 23:22


Hi Rick,

Your article appears to point out that the Republican Presidential candidate with views or positions most closely aligned the Democratic party is Mike Huckabee. Based pretty much on religious issues Huckabee is anointed with the prefix Conservative. Huckabee like Romney leaves me wondering where he really stands on many of the other important issues. I know what both gentlemen currently say their positions are, likewise for Guiliani.

The Republican party has three potential candidates running for nomination that we can pretty much pin to the wall regarding (with almost certainty) where they stand on the issues and based on that, the positions we would expect them to follow as our president.

Those candidates, John McCain, Ron Paul and Fred Thompson probably have the most consistent records relating to their positions on ALL issues. If the party were to nominate one of these candidates I could understand why the choice was made. I might not agree with the choice that was made but I would know why that choice was made. Their obvious record and consistent position on issues(for the most part)dictates that. As Republicans our choice should be made among those top three candidates. The choices as represented by each would be limited conservatism (John McCain), consistant conservatisim (Fred Thompson) or radical conservatism (Ron Paul).

Pick any one of the Democrats running for president and you pretty much know what their presidential format would be. Pick McCain, Thompson or Paul and you also know what to expect. But with Romney, Guiliani or Huckabee, really, I just don't know. They express one thing today, and based on their history would you put money on their view remaining consistent after being elected president?

I wouldn't.

If the candidate is to speak the language of government as helper without making it seem as if he is a traditional liberal while espousing conservative social views we might be back peddling to the Republican party of years past. That might not be a bad thing but we should at least feel confident about what the candidates are telling us.

Comment Posted By borderbum On 23.12.2007 @ 17:09



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