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Melanie, Melanie, Melanie,

This disaster covered 93,000 square miles. Back in 93 and 98, after all the people were made safe by moving just a few miles away from the flood plain, they saved the animals... big Fu#$king deal! This is not the same thing. If the government of LA and NO had done their respective jobs right, and used the almost 1,000 transit/school buses doing nothing, most would have been spared this mess. But leave it to you liberal whiners to find fault with everyone but the people who are really to blame. Add to this that not until late Monday night did the levees break, taking what most considered up until then, a serious disaster to the tragic one we have. This blame game is getting so old.

As Rick so rightly points out... get real!

Comment Posted By bobbymo On 3.09.2005 @ 09:56

Like you Marv, I am just paralyzed with anger and loathing for such statements from Mr. Cheek!

Like Al Sharpton, and Jesse, and the rest of the pimps, Mr. Cheeks has shown his true color, by using the old overused race card crap! I find it interesting that he can find fault with the "white" people who aren't working fast enough for his taste, and yet not a word of the "blacks" who can only loot and terrorize their own. Then let us look at the Black Mayor, and all the city officials, who do the same. It's no wonder the city was so ill prepared... all talk and no action! Plus you'll always have the democratic party to tell you it's not your fault. Sorry pal it is, and my "white" ass is getting tired of bailing these idiots out!

Comment Posted By bobbymo On 2.09.2005 @ 12:44



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